mats gustafson

Oh my! So, so so gorgeous! This is the work of Swedish fashion illustrator/artist Mats Gustafson. Sleek lines, gorgeous textures, elegant women dressed in haute-couture’s finest. LOVE. I could look at each one of these for quite a long time, because let’s face it, watercolor is tricky on a good day… how he manages to paint those layers of tulle, and fur collars… I’m in awe. And I also want to go shopping.

ps. My latest REAL ART FOR A FICTITIOUS WORLD post is up on SF Girl By Bay today and Mats’ work is featured in it… can you guess which character I might have thought this work would be perfect for?

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  1. Sueli /// 02.06.2014 /// 10:23am

    You are espectacular !

  2. Sharmon Davidson /// 02.06.2014 /// 1:57pm

    Wow- someone really knows what he’s doing with watercolor- perfection!

  3. Jina /// 02.06.2014 /// 2:52pm

    Her style is too much similar to my favorite artist, ‘Aurore de La Morinerie’.
    I can tell all art work of this artist is influenced by her but too much….

  4. joan iaconetti /// 02.07.2014 /// 6:43am

    Love love love Mats Gustafson…one of my watercolor students (who is in the fashion industry) introduced me to Mats’ work years ago, and he is still THE last word in elegance…simple, economical watercolors that somehow show you exactly what the clothes look like despite having virtually no detail. His illustrations never fail to delight and mystify. Looking forward to checking out del la Morinerie’s work as well.
    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, via Pinterest…may I say your postings have opened up entire new worlds of art and artists to me. Many thanks!

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.07.2014 /// 9:21am

    oh thanks so much joan!

  6. Ros /// 02.09.2014 /// 12:50pm

    Adore, Adore, Adore! I love this work. I think I may have pinned this work and wondered who the artist is – so thanks!

  7. Dawn /// 02.11.2014 /// 7:56am

    Sigh. I just love these watercolors. So simple and elegant. Timeless. Inspires me to try to learn how to paint. Maybe someday soon.

    BTW I posted about this post on my blog ( with a link back to here. I hope you don’t mind.

  8. Seppe Slabbinck /// 05.12.2014 /// 1:43am

    impressive work!

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