meghan howland

Whoa. Now, just to be clear, there are many, many, many other things in the impressive portfolio of American painter Meghan Howland, but these stunning bird covered portraits immediately grabbed my attention. So gorgeous, and just a tiny bit creepy. Yes, that’s right birds, you heard me… I don’t care how pretty your feathers are, I do not want you anywhere near my head. Ever. I would, however, happily put one of these paintings on my wall.

{Thanks to Melanie for a link to Meghan’s work}

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  1. Meredith /// 02.10.2014 /// 8:26am

    Her paintings are beautiful! I love these.

  2. Micheline Ryckman /// 02.10.2014 /// 8:42am

    Oooooo – LOVE!

  3. andreavytlacilova /// 02.10.2014 /// 9:33am

    So peaceful! 🙂 Loving your art-findings! 🙂 Keep it up!


  4. Mary Gaspar /// 02.10.2014 /// 11:04am


  5. Ana /// 02.11.2014 /// 10:02am

    Wowww love those birds! Sooo beautiful!!

  6. Eileen /// 02.12.2014 /// 7:01am

    Her work took my breath away. Stunning.

  7. Lesley Jackson /// 02.21.2014 /// 3:52pm

    I love the colour in these paintings butI am especially interested in your comment about birds near you head. A lot of people don’t like the idea of birds near their heads and yet I am amazed at how much artwork I come across with birds sitting on people’s heads! I can’t understand it. Does it have some traditional symbolic meaning, I wonder, or is it paying homage to a particular painter back in time? Just come across your posts and really enjoying them, thanks.

  8. Christin Erjavec /// 02.28.2014 /// 10:27pm

    Meghan, your artwork is so beautiful that it makes my heart hurt.

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