nicola freeman

It’s Friday… the perfect day to show you some GIANT CANDY! This amazing project is the work of Nicola Freeman, and was part of the degree show at the University of Wolverhampton. Granted, she graduated a few years ago, but when you find a giant candy necklace, and the biggest love hearts you’ve ever seen in your entire life, you just share ’em, right?! Now, just in case you were planning on eating her entire grad show, please don’t. They’re made of very un-eat-able plaster {and resin for the lollipop}, but boy oh boy, they sure look tasty from here. Sigh… so good. Ok, now, run out to the nearest candy shop and get yourself a weekend treat!

{There’s a great interview, that’s also a few years old, with Nicola on Makezine. I can’t find any information about what she’s doing now, so if you know, let me know!}

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  1. Cathy /// 05.02.2014 /// 8:32am

    now THIS is FABULOUS!

  2. maggie /// 05.02.2014 /// 1:39pm

    If only they were edible…too sweet to be true.

  3. Elzemieke /// 05.03.2014 /// 8:00am

    Oh, how I love this work! Had the most unsettling déjà vu when I first clapped eyes on it. Might be some unresolved childhood trauma? Need. Candy. 😉

  4. M. Whitehead /// 05.03.2014 /// 9:58am

    How yummy !

  5. laura redburn /// 05.05.2014 /// 1:04am

    these are AWESOME! i’d love to see in real life.

  6. Michele Parliament /// 05.09.2014 /// 12:11pm


  7. Lara /// 08.20.2014 /// 12:31pm

    did anyone watch “Six Feet Under”? That lollipop…

  8. Paul /// 02.13.2015 /// 5:51am

    I am currently arranging an online auction on behalf of the company I represent and we have the Candy/Sweetie Necklace wall decoration as one of our Lots. It is in great condition and quite a fantastic piece of work.