jessica harrison

Pretty porcelain ladies with tattoos fit for a sailor… YES! This is the work of Scottish artist Jessica Harrison, and it’s currently showing in Paris at Galerie L.J. The show runs until June 24th, so if you’re lucky enough to be in Paris this Spring you really should pop by… on your way to a Parisian tattoo parlor, perhaps!

{via Colossal}

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  1. brandi marie /// 05.20.2014 /// 6:32am

    Ooooh pretty!

  2. Meredith /// 05.20.2014 /// 7:34am

    Love the new skin that she gave these ladies. Beautiful idea.

  3. Sarah Portland /// 05.20.2014 /// 7:56am

    I clicked over to her website to see if she had more porcelain ladies, and was not disappointed. I would absolutely line these up on my mantle. The work is beautifully done, which I think is really important to pull off humorous pieces.

  4. kathryn /// 05.20.2014 /// 9:38am

    those are SO awesome…and they say nothing new is ever conceived any more!!

  5. maggie /// 05.20.2014 /// 12:41pm

    just saw these on tumblr the other day – so freaking cool.

  6. Gemma /// 05.20.2014 /// 10:34pm

    Actually I’ve been doing this for years. My name is Gemma Osborn, a Tattooer in the UK. I have a page called Tattoo Menagerie. I was selling pieces at Brighton Tattoo Convention.

  7. Abstract Art /// 05.21.2014 /// 5:12am

    Saw these a few days ago, love them.

  8. auroradevine /// 05.21.2014 /// 1:39pm

    I love these, but I’m also curious about the ceramic and sculptural processes. Does she make the porcelain figurine and add the tattoo details?

  9. auroradevine /// 05.21.2014 /// 1:45pm

    I couldn’t really find anything on how the artist made these and I’m curious and jealous 🙂

  10. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2014 /// 3:25pm

    i couldn’t find anything either… i’ll keep looking though 🙂

  11. here comes the hotstepper | The Middle Moment /// 05.23.2014 /// 3:43am

    […] on the Jealous Curator we find these beautiful figurines. These beautiful tattooed ladies were made by the talented […]

  12. Louise /// 05.24.2014 /// 3:55am

    Is it possible to buy these?

  13. SUNDAY BEST /// 05.25.2014 /// 1:39am

    […] LET’S TALK ABOUT ART BABY: I recently discovered Native Textile and I am nothing short of obsessed. #34 is my favorite. I missed the last workshop she did in SF, but I am really hoping to make it to the next one. Anjana Iyer’s project, Found in Translation, illustrates words that have no direct English translation. See Huff Posts profile of her work here, and more of her work on her website. Jessica Harrison is killing it with her tatted porcelain dolls, found via The Jealous Curator. […]

  14. Silvana /// 05.29.2014 /// 4:42am

    They rocks!!

  15. Tattooed Porcelain Dolls | WTF in the News | Last Sparrow Tattoo /// 06.07.2014 /// 2:13am

    […] They're lovely aren't they! I'd not seen most of those shots before, there are a few more here The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// jessica harrison but unfortunately nothing to be found on the artists […]

  16. Lydia, the tattooed lady | Southern Bluestocking /// 06.11.2014 /// 5:02am

    […] about Jessica Harrison here, here, and […]

  17. ELIZABETH /// 06.29.2014 /// 6:05pm


  18. Samantha /// 08.25.2014 /// 2:17am

    Please. Please. Pleeeease tell me you can buy these?!? Please tell me you can.

  19. Angel /// 09.14.2014 /// 11:02am

    I love them! Where can I buy them?

  20. the jealous curator /// 09.14.2014 /// 11:18am

    hi angel 🙂 she sells prints of them here:
    and if you want to buy the actual ceramics, i believe you have to email her here:
    good luck!

  21. Corrina /// 12.07.2014 /// 8:41am

    Hi, I wanted to know how much the dolls with the tattoos are?? Please let me know. Thanks

  22. Carolyn /// 12.07.2014 /// 4:29pm

    Hi Jessica,

    Roughly what are the prices of your dolls?



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    […] via The Jealous Curator […]

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  25. Gaymidz /// 08.31.2015 /// 3:16am

    Jessica Harrison’s work is currently on display at Dismaland (UK)
    And I was blown away by them I really really really want one

  26. Eva Kelley /// 12.22.2016 /// 10:39am

    I know this post is old but I just read this article on Jessica Harrison. The intestine one is my favorite. I have a painting that’s similar which is why my friend shared the article in the first place. <3