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Sigh. Vintage photos covered in fireflies! Well, not really, but that’s what I like to imagine. Canadian photographer Amy Friend has just created a whole bunch of new work, as a continuation of her magical Dare alla Lucce series. I’ve written about this series before, but in case you haven’t seen that, and you’re wondering what these stunning pieces are all about, here is Amy’s description:

“Through hand-manipulated interventions I altered and subsequently re-photographed the images “re-making” photographs that oscillate between what is present and what is absent. I aim to comment on the fragile quality of the photographic object but also to the equal fragility of our lives, our history. All are lost so easily. By playing with the tools of photography, I “re-use” light by allowing it to shine through the holes in the images. In a somewhat playful and yet literal manner, I return the subject of the photographs back to the light, while simultaneously bringing them forward. The images are permanently altered; they are lost and reborn, hence the title, Dare alla Luce, an Italian term meaning, “to bring to the light”, in reference to birth.”

Brilliant, and oh so dreamy! I am lucky enough to have one of her pieces from a few years ago, but all of these new images are currently available at Citizen Atelier. {Go now!}

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  1. Lindsay Stripling /// 05.29.2014 /// 8:22am


  2. Kelly Johnston /// 05.29.2014 /// 8:48am

    So beautiful.

  3. maggie /// 05.29.2014 /// 9:40am

    These are so so dreamy.

  4. rossana taormina /// 05.29.2014 /// 9:52am

    I love her work … I’d like to meet her one day

  5. Matilda /// 05.29.2014 /// 12:48pm

    This is so beautiful & dreamy. Love this, wanna work like this..I have some few works simillar , with dreamy inspiring:) Thx

  6. Robyn /// 05.29.2014 /// 2:10pm

    Her work and Evie Woltil Richner’s seem to be having a lovely conversation with one another to me. They both have this idea of breathing new life into a photograph or repurposing the memory in it, making it function differently with traces of their hand in them. Beautiful.

  7. the jealous curator /// 05.29.2014 /// 3:42pm

    yes! that would be an amazing two-woman show! good call : )

  8. Alessandra /// 05.29.2014 /// 8:10pm

    Two things i love: your blog (since forever!) and Amy Friend’s work. She is such a talent and a beautiful person to boot. And thanks for the link to Citizen Atelier, much appreciated especially coming from someone whose artistic vision I really admire :).
    Alessandra xo

  9. Bridgeen /// 05.30.2014 /// 5:56am

    Lovely lovely work, the pinpricks- like holes in the night. We are all made of stars.x

  10. brandi marie /// 05.30.2014 /// 8:04am

    She just keeps continuing to stun me! Love!

  11. fer scarlato /// 05.30.2014 /// 9:33am

    These are sooo magical and oneiric.

  12. You’re always holding on to stars :: SOTD | lyriquediscorde /// 07.29.2014 /// 4:46pm

    […] Keep Art Alive :: Art by Amy-Friend […]

  13. Pippa /// 10.12.2015 /// 11:02pm

    may I show this on my blog?

  14. the jealous curator /// 10.13.2015 /// 8:51am

    of course! just make sure you link back to amy’s site 🙂

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