sylvia baldeva

Oooh… washy, dreamy, layered, haunting, jewel-toned portraits by French artist¬†Sylvia Baldeva. I love them. All.

{via Saatchi Art}

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  1. maggie /// 06.10.2014 /// 8:41am

    I love the focus of color around the eyes. These are dreamy.

  2. Sarah Nix /// 06.10.2014 /// 10:25am

    This really made my day. Beautiful!

  3. Veronica Roth /// 06.10.2014 /// 11:43am

    You’re exactly right in the dreamy, haunting description. Reminds me of some illustration in a childhood book of mine, (dinosaurs were alive then), translated title: Slippers of Moss. It is a book of poems. I sometimes try for this kind of wishy, swishy watercolour but always fail miserably. (sigh)

  4. Jeff Belyea /// 08.11.2014 /// 1:07pm

    Incredibly beautiful use of color and intensity.