clare celeste börsch

I’m gonna need a pair of scissors, and the name of the used bookstore where Berlin based artist Clare Celeste Börsch shops! Vintage books, cut up and pasted back together into bizarre, yet perfect, compositions… birds, flowers, gemstones, and of course, water skiers!  I love all of them so much, but I happen to own that little birdie perched on his flowery gemstone island, so I’m gonna have to call that one my favorite. Or the water skiers. Or those gazelles. Or that sake drinking bride. Hm.

{To purchase Clare’s work, originals and prints, visit her shop}

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  1. kellyjo /// 07.09.2014 /// 8:48am

    i own three of her pieces and i feel so lucky every day i get to look at each of them. i think it’s marvelous the way she puts things together!

  2. Jen /// 07.09.2014 /// 8:56am


  3. laura redburn /// 07.09.2014 /// 10:59am

    i looooove these but especially the first and last ones! and wow, lucky you kellyjo.

  4. maggie /// 07.09.2014 /// 1:56pm

    Anything involving gemstones is an automatic win in my book.

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2014 /// 3:14pm


  6. Yoko /// 07.09.2014 /// 9:11pm

    NO she is not a geisha, she is a bride in traditional Japanese style 🙂
    And drinking Sake as a ritual.

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2014 /// 9:14pm

    ah! thank you… changed.

  8. Clare Borsch /// 07.10.2014 /// 11:06am

    I thought she was drinking tea in a ceremony, I am so glad you commented! @Yoko. I need to rename it from Taste of Tea to … Sake (or so, I will sleep on it!) Thanks so much, I love that she is a bride. <3

  9. ningrumCH /// 07.15.2014 /// 12:53am

    tell me, what kind of this art? loveee :3 thank you 🙂

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