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Sigh. Sometimes at the end of a very long, busy week, there is nothing I love more than a giant, expressive, insanely-colorful bouquet of flowers. Thank goodness for American painter Erin Fitzhugh Gregory… these are exactly what I need today  ♥

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  1. Desiree /// 08.22.2014 /// 8:09am

    I LOVE THESE. This is exactly what I needed today, too! I want to live inside of these.

  2. Allyn Howard /// 08.22.2014 /// 8:59am

    These are fantastic! I love her painterly loose style. I feel jealousy, but mostly joy looking at these 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Zandra Zuraw /// 08.22.2014 /// 11:12am

    Love these florals. If they are super large, hey would be so pretty in a white kitchen, taking up a whole wall. If they’re small, they would be lovely in a guest room, over the bed!

  4. Kreetta /// 08.22.2014 /// 1:33pm

    Oh, love it! We get too seldom this kind of treasures on Friday evening 🙂

  5. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.22.2014 /// 2:03pm

    Zandra… from what i can tell, i think most of them are quite big! GORGEOUS!

  6. Kate Bussey /// 08.22.2014 /// 4:26pm

    These make me feel happy, and that is such a good thing.

  7. Kelly /// 08.22.2014 /// 7:51pm

    i swoon.

  8. Mila /// 08.23.2014 /// 7:21am

    These are stunning. And normally, I don’t get down for paintings of flowers in vases but these are so alive and bold.

  9. Gregg Irby /// 08.26.2014 /// 12:54pm

    We will be getting in more of Erin’s large florals right after Labor Day! Check the gallery website for updates.

  10. the jealous curator /// 08.26.2014 /// 3:27pm

    thanks gregg!

  11. Jess /// 08.29.2014 /// 5:57pm

    Beautiful! I want them all 🙂

  12. stephanie /// 09.05.2014 /// 1:02pm

    love these!!!

  13. Erin Fitzhugh Gregory | /// 10.05.2014 /// 3:41am

    […] via The Jealous Curator […]

  14. Mary Lee /// 01.26.2015 /// 6:25am

    Totally Cheerful!

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