akiko kobayakawa

If bizarre animal heads and sexy legs don’t say Happy Hallowe’en, well then I just don’t know what does! These weird ‘n sassy watercolors are the work of Tokyo based artist¬†Akiko Kobayakawa.¬†Those intense colors and sultry poses mixed with the innocence of the animals’ faces… yowza. Love! Ok people, grab your horse masks & red high heels … Hallowe’en night awaits!

{via spoon tamago}

comments (2)

  1. JaneO'Sullivan /// 10.31.2014 /// 1:02pm

    Hello miss jelous curator. my return key is broken otherwise I would have commented on facebook :0I am in the west of Ireland.I just had a solo exhib at the Talbot Gallery Dublin , its well worth visiting.

  2. Kyle J. /// 11.06.2014 /// 12:08am

    I have a grimmer response to these images; They seem to be about attitudes of dehumanization towards the sex worker (on-screen, on-stage, or on the streets).
    The bent positions and darkened (worn, scuffed, bloodied?) knees suggest the presence of violence, or at least exploitation.
    The poses are realistic, which is to say familiar, but then, so are the animal heads. It’s very unsettling.

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