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New Year’s Resolution No.1 … spend more time in New York! When I saw these gorgeous oil on wood panel pieces by New York based painter Geoffrey Johnson I kept flipping back and forth between wanting to pack my bags for New York, or Paris, or New York, or Paris… and then I read his bio and it all made sense:

“Johnson draws much of his inspiration from his travel experiences and first-hand observations. Using a monochromatic palette of sepia hues, the artist says he strives to reproduce the places that inspire him. Johnson’s work is strongly evocative of the French Impressionists’ depictions of city life, interior spaces, and equestrian scenes. From Gustave Caillebotte’s steely, atmospheric renderings of foggy Paris streets and dusky rooftops to Degas’ spindly-legged racehorses, the influence of these artists upon Johnson’s painting is readily visible.

Well there you have it… maybe I’ll pack for both, and then see where 2015 takes me! Happy New Year, everyone!

{Thanks to GregoryWest for pointing me to Geoffrey’s work}

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  1. Sophie N /// 01.01.2015 /// 1:26pm

    The colors are stunning!

  2. Shawn Carney /// 01.01.2015 /// 6:47pm

    Gorgeous. The gloomy impressionist moodiness of these showcase the winter blues perfectly.

  3. Daphne /// 01.02.2015 /// 5:33am

    These paintings are such a brave start to the New Year – thanks for posting them! – they’re so evocative, emotive, glimpses of the moment you want to keep for ever but can’t – those moments that are so bursting with possibilities; the beautiful journey.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.02.2015 /// 9:35am

    … and thank YOU for the lovely/poetic comment, daphne 🙂

  5. Edith Hillinger /// 01.03.2015 /// 8:06am

    New 28 page catalogue with essay by curator Patricia Watts just posted on my website.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.03.2015 /// 9:26am

    oh great – thanks edith!

  7. Jenny Kastner /// 01.03.2015 /// 10:59am

    These are perfect! So soft and yet so crisp…

  8. Taylor Roades /// 01.04.2015 /// 10:39am

    I love these, absolutely beautiful.

  9. john /// 01.08.2015 /// 3:09am

    stunning photography…

  10. laura /// 01.10.2015 /// 8:26pm

    These paintings are marvelous! I love how this body of work reminds me of Giacometti’s sculptures.

  11. Geoffrey Johnson | Art Is /// 03.07.2015 /// 11:37am

    […] Image from The Jealous Curator […]

  12. Fight Your Mondaze Link List - ROAM + GOLIGHTLY /// 05.07.2015 /// 11:20am

    […] — Because art. These oil on wood paintings are minimal and impressionistic and moody and gorgeous at the same time. And each draws on the artist’s experiences from street observations while traveling! […]

  13. artistleku ivan /// 05.08.2015 /// 9:53am

    Hey,This is artist ivan from uganda. I realy like your style.

  14. Victoria Jane Bennett /// 05.13.2015 /// 8:32pm

    Someone complimented the artist on his “stunning photography”! I haven’t been this captivated by an artist’s work in quite awhile–Hope Gangloff, Kris Lewis–now Johnson. Although one can see some subtle influences, Johnson seems to have a truly original vision that he expresses here through gauzy cityscapes, some of them given the airy values of safe pastels. There is a captivating dreaminess and a sense of motion. Every human is huddled in a winter coat and the landscape shimmers from a recent cold rain.
    As a fiction writer, I am inspired to write a story set in this backdrop.
    Johnson: another artist to follow–Thanks!

  15. EBJ /// 10.10.2015 /// 9:07am

    Thank you for highlighting my husband’s work. He will have a one-man show at Hubert Gallery in NYC October 17-31, 2015. He will attend the opening on the 17th and do a book signing, if anyone is interested. Thank you again for kind words!

  16. Christopher Nickens /// 10.11.2015 /// 6:32pm

    These are really ravishing. Wish I could attend the New York show, but at least I can admire Geoffrey’s talent here. Any collector with a good eye–and half a brain–would be wise to snap up as many of these marvelous, evocative pieces as possible.

  17. Pam Reynolds /// 01.10.2016 /// 9:33am

    Please do you have a catalogue of your work. They are stunning.
    Pam Reynolds

  18. Francine Wardrope /// 03.02.2016 /// 8:49am

    Hi how can I get a hold of some of this artwork. I love it. thanks

  19. charlotte Hanson /// 03.24.2016 /// 7:15am

    Hi there,

    I would like to purchase some of Geoffrey’s artwork for a luxury hotel we are designing in London. is this possible? I have to let the client know ASAP! I would really appreciate you getting back to me today.

    Many thanks!
    Charlotte Hanson

  20. gail dingilian /// 08.07.2016 /// 3:16pm

    To EBJ — could you tell me what book your husband was signing at the Hubert? I love his paintings and would love to know if he has put together a book of his works. Thank you.

  21. Peter Freeman /// 11.02.2017 /// 12:32pm

    I’m amazed, I feel as I’m walking through these spaces. I’ve just finished watching a documentary about Giacometti, I believe his spirit has found a new home. Just so awesome, I would love to see the real thing. Many many thanks. Please keep painting

  22. stephanie /// 11.12.2017 /// 12:07pm

    Where can I purchase/see some of this artwork. I live in London

    Thanks and regards

  23. Francine /// 04.05.2018 /// 4:55am

    Have any of Mr. Johnson’s paintings been reproduced as prints? I would love one.

  24. Rosco /// 01.15.2019 /// 1:51am

    How can I get in touch with this artist?

  25. Mar /// 12.05.2023 /// 8:50am

    Estoy interesada en comprar láminas de pintura de este autor Geoffrey Johnson

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