adalberto ortiz

I love the excitement and bright lights of a big city, but my heart belongs to the¬†quiet of a small town… enter the simple, candy-hued paintings of Puerto Rican born, US based artist Adalberto Ortiz. Summer day. Small town. Count me in.

{via Saatchi Art}

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  1. Heather /// 01.08.2015 /// 9:03am

    i just want to rub my face on those colors.

  2. Frances Marin /// 01.09.2015 /// 10:31am

    Oh! How I love these. Such colors! I was listening to your blogging talk at Bedford Gallery when I decided to head over here. It’s really great! Can’t wait to check out that show since I was out of town for the opening.

  3. Adalberto Ortiz | Thirty Birds /// 01.19.2015 /// 4:25am

    […] Adalberto Ortiz […]

  4. Anna /// 03.21.2015 /// 11:40pm

    That’s really nice and it reminds me of Edward Hoppers work !

  5. Valerie /// 04.06.2015 /// 8:49am

    Love what you stand for. Found your website through “Being Boss” podcast. I live in Puerto Rico so I was really compelled by this art. Thanks for sharing ALL that you share.

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2015 /// 8:15am

    oh, thanks so much valerie! : )