melissa arendt




I spy with my little eye, so many things that are fantastic! Yep. I love this series, titled “Bowie”, by California based artist Melissa Arendt. There are so many lovely little gems in there! Hm, what do I love most? Is it the teepees, the geometric landscape, or the tiny David Bowie in full-on Ziggy Stardust attire? Hm, I think it might be the fine blend of all of these beautifully drawn/painted bits ‘n pieces living happily together… oh, and a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s reference never hurts either!

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  1. student from art program /// 11.03.2015 /// 9:12am

    This is some of the best work i have ever seen and i have been to alot of shows in alot of different places and have never seen anything quiet as amazing.