jane denton


Oooh… new, quiet, dreamy embroidery work by New Zealand based artist Jane Denton! I’ve written about Jane’s work before – gorgeous, beautifully embroidered geometric shapes – but for those pieces she used bright pops of color like hot pink and deep yellow. This new series is so soft and quiet. Shhh, I think I can hear them whispering my name… “Danielle, you need to have all of us in your house. Immediately.”

{Photos: styled/shot at LET LIV by Kirsty Gibson Photography}

comments (3)

  1. Carol Y /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:33pm

    I love the quiet simplicity of these pieces. Deceptively understated, but so pretty!

  2. Carla /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:03am

    So zen, soft and tranquil!

  3. Amy Pierrson /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:40am

    Oh, I love these!!