xochi solis


You know how they say “art feeds the soul”… well, these deliciously layered, sandwich-like collages could feed me forever! Ok, I’m pretty sure they’re not meant to look like sandwiches, but that’s what I see every time I look at these crazy layered mixed media pieces by Austin based artist Xochi Solis. See that beauty at the very top? That was the piece Xochi made for my book, Collage… and then she sent it to me! I was beyond thrilled to see one of her originals in person {so many layers of goodness!}, and it is now proudly displayed in my living room, not far from the kitchen. Oh dear, and now I want a tomato, avocado and rosebud bagel… hold the paint.

comments (3)

  1. Bre Ritchie /// 03.23.2015 /// 6:33am

    These are stunning. <3 collage!

  2. Shawn Carney /// 03.23.2015 /// 7:02am

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

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