ashleigh ninos


Ok. This is taking blind contour drawing to a whole new, dreamy level. Gorgeous… and even more gorgeous when drawn on layers of transparent vellum! This is a series by California based artist Ashleigh Ninos titled, quite appropriately, “Contour”.  You know how this works, right? One continuous line, but no peeking at your paper as you draw. Ashleigh keeps a close eye on her botanical subjects, only looking down once she’s drawn the whole thing. I’ve tried this a few times, and I can quite confidently say, they did not look anything like these! Sigh. Lovely.

{A few pieces from this series are available as prints in her shop, and I also have a few of her other pieces in my online gallery shop.}

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  1. Ashleigh Ninos /// 04.17.2015 /// 6:56am

    Thanks so much for the feature, Danielle! It’s a big time honor…woo hoo!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.17.2015 /// 7:21am

    of course ashleigh! these are gorgeous!

  3. Carla /// 04.17.2015 /// 1:17pm

    nice! It just gave me some inspiration… I want to do this in thread.

  4. Tina /// 04.18.2015 /// 4:43am

    Thank you so much for all the inspirational posts!
    Your blog has a great selection of works and is helping me through my graduation final project 🙂

    from Brazil

  5. MsMarni /// 04.18.2015 /// 6:52am

    Ashlie, what size is your work presented? At first I thought you were working with wire, the close-ups told me otherwise. Love how the vellum adds depth to your pieces!

  6. Louise /// 04.18.2015 /// 9:41am

    a lovely way of working. I take things a bit further into paper cuts and screenprinting – check my website – and look also at the work of Claude Heath if you like the ‘blind drawing’ technique…

  7. Sierra /// 04.20.2015 /// 4:13am

    I’ve done blind contour drawings… and from the details it looks like it is NOT one continuous line. Especially with the single details in the fruit. These drawings are BEAUTIFUL, just I felt like it might have been misdescribed?

    Again, these are beautiful and I adore the style of her hand.

  8. Ashleigh Ninos /// 04.20.2015 /// 9:05am

    Hi Sierra- In response to your comment, I often use one continuous line though not always (as in the detail in the apple you mentioned in the third photo down). Most are created using a blind process with one continuous line, some semi-blind depending on the composition. Thanks for your feedback!

  9. Ashleigh Ninos /// 04.20.2015 /// 9:20am

    Hi MsMarni- Yes, drawings with ink on vellum, ranging from 8 x 10 to 11 x 17 inches. Thank you!