anne-sophie adelys


I have always had a soft spot for work with a “half-finished” feel … and of course, those crazy pink and orange trees on woodgrain are just icing on the cake! This is the vibrant work of French born, New Zealand based artist Anne-Sophie Adelys, from a series titled “Becoming Memories”…

“How do memories become memories? Why do we beautify memories? … This [series] investigates the idea of becoming new memories; the reconstruction of brighter, prettier and naively reconstructed perceptions of an edited past.”

{Prints available here}

comments (5)

  1. maggie /// 04.21.2015 /// 11:12am

    Prints going on my wishlist for when I move into my new place. I love the vibrant colors.


  2. Sandra /// 04.23.2015 /// 12:55am

    I LOVE the colours!!!!

  3. Jesse Brass /// 04.24.2015 /// 1:45pm

    Beautiful work. Love this!

  4. Roxanne /// 04.25.2015 /// 1:33am

    I agree with that “soft spot” for “half-finished” work, great!

  5. laura redburn /// 05.01.2015 /// 11:36am

    turquoise, pink and yellow are my favourite colours, so i’m loving these!

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