amy spassov


TV sets, rainbows, old toys and cassette tapes… sigh… these mixed media paintings by Seattle based artist Amy Spassov are whisking me right back to my pre-teen days! And, because my sister and I had rosebud bedding for our entire childhood/adolescence, Amy’s rose-covered backgrounds are ridiculously comforting and familiar to me… I totally just aged myself, didn’t I?

*All of these pieces are from her most recent series, titled “Inside Out”.

comments (2)

  1. Elissa S Nesheim /// 06.16.2015 /// 12:49pm

    splendid dreamy gorgeousness!!

  2. Amy Tingle /// 06.21.2015 /// 4:34pm

    Those little lambs. Something about them makes me weepy. Maybe it’s the lambs and the hit of nostalgia. Love these.