javier martin


Ok, I want this entire series in my house. This is the mixed media work {collage of paper, neon light, oil and acrylic on board} of Spanish artist Javier Martin. All of these stunning pieces are part of his “Blindness Light” series. In almost all of his work, his subjects’ eyes are covered in some way – in this case with glowing bars of candy-hued neon light – to “set a point about how society judges without looking further.”   


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  1. faith /// 07.07.2015 /// 1:06pm

    ooo I especially like the gestural lines of the neon. partly fun because it transforms the rigid material. cool find!

  2. Cindi Brumpton /// 07.07.2015 /// 2:20pm

    Gorgeous! I want one too!

  3. Yve Chairez /// 07.07.2015 /// 6:25pm

    These are so amazing. I gasped when your site opened. What a stellar find.

  4. Javier Martin | PICDIT /// 07.07.2015 /// 6:52pm

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  5. stephanie /// 07.09.2015 /// 10:51pm

    oh my god i loooove these!!!!!

  6. the jealous curator /// 07.10.2015 /// 7:40am

    right!? me too!

  7. Blindness Ligth | COTA ZERO /// 11.04.2015 /// 8:58am

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  8. Jureima /// 11.01.2016 /// 9:23pm

    Hey,I didn’t know they made girl Cyclops…

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