daisy patton


Just a gaggle of paint-covered¬†gals… ah, I love what happens when found images and paint come together… so weirdly wonderful! All of these candy-hued pieces are from a series titled,“Forgetting is so long”, by Denver based artist Daisy Patton… another of the talented artists that I chose for Fresh Paint Magazine, December Issue.¬†Love.

comments (6)

  1. Marianne Clancy /// 12.18.2015 /// 10:06am

    wonderful and wild~right up my alley of love and appreciation for painted over photos! very creative and cool and also gutsy! love these! thank you for posting!

  2. Kreetta /// 12.18.2015 /// 11:09am

    The first one is very beautiful ! Love to have it on my wall…

  3. Amy Tingle /// 12.19.2015 /// 6:52am

    Dreamlike and strange. I love me a good found photo mashup.

  4. Jessica G. /// 01.06.2016 /// 9:30am

    I absolutely love these! So wonderful.

  5. Shelley Whiting /// 01.07.2016 /// 3:18pm

    There’s a haunting sense of nostalgia and mystery. Clever work.

  6. Sabrina Brett /// 01.07.2016 /// 4:37pm

    So interesting! I love the colors and the playfulness of these pieces!
    Thank you for sharing!

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