claire cowie


Not only do I have a thing for botanical subject matter, I also have a major place in my artsy heart for negative space… I’m sure you can imagine my pure delight when I came across the work {sumi color, watercolor, acrylic ink on paper} of Seattle based artist Claire Cowie. Two words: Stun. Ning.

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  1. Sharmon Davidson /// 02.05.2016 /// 8:31am

    I agree with your assessment – her work is brilliant!

  2. Must-Reads for Creatives 2.5.16 - In Tandem /// 02.05.2016 /// 10:34am

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  3. RSBense /// 02.06.2016 /// 3:31am

    Super smart! Thank you for sharing this work- I am going to share it with my students!

  4. Stephanie /// 02.06.2016 /// 10:28am

    I love these!!! Is it wrong to say I want it to be my wallpaper? I want to live in them that is why!

  5. Carla /// 02.06.2016 /// 10:45am

    Can i have this stunning work on a silk shawl please? Thank you 😉

  6. Uncle Beefy /// 02.06.2016 /// 11:46am

    AW! Claire! We actually went to art school together and not only is she super talented but she’s one of the most totally DELIGHTFUL people I’ve ever known. Warms my heart to see her featured here! <3

  7. Kate Bowman /// 02.06.2016 /// 2:45pm

    I also agree with your assessment. Really love the fern pieces, great texture!