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I have looooved the work of Indianapolis based artist Casey Roberts for years, so I’m a little embarrassed to say that it wasn’t until preparing for this interview that I realized these are cyanotypes, not paintings. Who knew? Well, not me. Casey met me in a quiet library in Indianapolis, with a glass of gin & tonic in hand to calm his nerves. I absolutely loved this chat… he is so talented, and an unbelievably nice guy. You can listen right under that stunning stump, or you can subscribe on iTunes. First up, some of Casey’s most recent work. They’re absolutely beautiful – like an ethereal exhale:


Sigh. So, so beautiful. Cyanotypes might just be the absolute perfect way to create nighttime scenes… for example:


Gasp! That glowing moth! Man, he’s good. Speaking of good, here’s Casey’s lovely piece that I included in my latest collection for The Land of Nod. So sweet!


Aww! And now, my favorite pieces in Casey’s extensive and beautiful portfolio. His carved trees:


Aren’t those amazing? And he does commissions with your special initials and dates… just sayin’. Also, I want one. And finally, I have to show this photo of Casey and his beard. Does his look not match his wild wilderness work perfectly?


Yeah, he can never shave that beard. It just works. And that’s that. No need for nerves, but clearly a glass of gin & tonic never hurts… unless of course someone makes you laugh and you have a small coughing fit. But other than that. Huge thanks to Casey for doing this with me, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode {and giving away a $50 gift card!}, and a big thank you to all of you for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links: Parts Gallery, Toronto / Walker Contemporary, Vermont / In Search Of TV show

ps. casey’s cat heads…


comments (12)

  1. Marc Cardwell /// 02.06.2016 /// 6:15am

    another good interview and i really love this work. really cool stuff.

  2. Rachel Linnemeier /// 02.06.2016 /// 9:38am

    I love these whimsical nature scenes! The owls are my favorite! Gorgeous! Also woohoo for Indy/Herron:)

  3. Liz Zanca /// 02.06.2016 /// 10:45am

    I love this work! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a discipline problem when it comes to working at home! 😀

  4. Julie /// 02.07.2016 /// 1:03am

    I love Casey’s work… all the more for his such down-to-earth nature!

  5. Dave Voelpel /// 02.08.2016 /// 8:52pm

    Caseys work is really great! Iam happy to own a painting!

  6. Mal Hurley /// 02.09.2016 /// 9:59am

    Beautiful colors and imagery….bold and delicate.

  7. Jessica /// 02.14.2016 /// 11:34am

    I actually listened to Casey’s episode before seeing his work and it is more than I could have imagined. It’s like a beautiful day dream, it’s how I feel in the forest but in indigo blue tones come to life before my eyes. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. Naomi Taitz Duffy /// 03.01.2016 /// 10:56am

    Casey’s work is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to yet another amazing artist.

  9. Elissa S Nesheim /// 04.20.2016 /// 11:53am

    glorious beautiful owls… <3 absolutely love love love

  10. Kimberly Morelli /// 03.27.2017 /// 7:42pm

    I own an early piece from Casey. We went to school together. I studied art history, and purchased one of his pieces while we were students. Love, love, love his creativity!

  11. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2017 /// 6:58am

    smart move, kimberly! ; )

  12. Rebecca Rutstein /// 09.20.2018 /// 6:41pm

    love his work and loved the podcast. love his touch of graphic juxtaposed with atmospheric – just beautiful!

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