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Houses, plants, embroidery thread, vintage ladies… yes, it’s very possible that Amsterdam based collage artist Hagar Vardimon is my soul sister. I’ve written about her a lot, so it was absolute thrill to call nine hours into the future, across the Atlantic to Amsterdam. She was nervous about her English, and her accent, but both are just perfect! You can listen to our collage-nerd conversation right underneath that gorgeous house bursting with plants, or you can subscribe on iTunesFirst up, this was some of the first work of Hagar’s that I ever saw… and it was love at first sight:


Yes, we both have a thing for houses and embroidery thread! Strangely we’ve also both taken a small break from the embroidery work to play with paper… look what she’s doing with her father’s old paper punch:


So fun! She’s been posting all of these pieces to her gorgeous Instagram feed, which you absolutely have to follow. These were the women I brought up. I love this body of work so much… the colors, the strangely beautiful shapes, the geometric embroidery, and those fantastic vintage photos:


Gah! Love, love, love! As I said before, we both have a thing for houses. Here are a few from her “Lonely Houses” series from a couple of years ago:


That final piece was a commission she did for a family in California {yes, she does commissions… just sayin’}. And finally, I asked Hagar to send me a few shots from her studio. It’s a collage artist’s candyland:


Oh. I want to go to there. I haven’t told her this yet, but I laughed out loud when she sent that final photo. My clippings look almost exactly the same… except that mine are in a wooden bowl, not a wooden box. But close! Thanks so much to Hagar for talking to me {you too Liam… the youngest guest ever to be interviewed on the podcast!}. Thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and for offering the $50 gift card giveaway happening at the end of February. And finally, as always, a huge thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

ps. You can find Hagar’s lovely work for sale in her online shop.

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  1. Julie /// 02.13.2016 /// 7:43am

    Wauw, great interview. I´m following her for years and love her work.

  2. Candace Grace /// 02.13.2016 /// 8:06am

    Such a fun interview. I suddenly feel inspired to test the waters with embroidering some of my own prints!

  3. Uncle Beefy /// 02.13.2016 /// 9:35pm

    I loved this interview! Love Hagar’s work! I kept thinking I wanted to be with both of you having a quick 12-hour lunch together just gabbing away about art. I’d bring wine? 🙂

  4. the jealous curator /// 02.14.2016 /// 12:46am

    ha! deal!

  5. Bia /// 02.14.2016 /// 5:05am

    Ahhh this interview was so cute to hear! Love it!

  6. Amy Tingle /// 02.14.2016 /// 5:52am

    Happyredfish!!! I am so excited to listen. I love her work so so much. She has inspired two of my recent paintings and her collages are everything I aspire to be. Thank you for introducing her to me a long time ago, and for bringing us these snippets of her life! Hooray!!!!

  7. Amy Tingle /// 02.14.2016 /// 6:34am

    OMG. I had to come back. Liam! That little voice. This was one of my favorite interviews of yours EVER, Danielle. Now I know why Hagar is happyredfish. She’s got the happiest voice, the happiest outlook, the easiest laugh! You two having a show together would be sublime. I’d faint! And fly. Anywhere. 🙂

  8. the jealous curator /// 02.14.2016 /// 9:31am

    yes! such a sweet little voice… both of them! ; )

  9. Sister Hilda /// 02.14.2016 /// 10:52pm

    How wonderful to hear that you feel your art is finally you! That is a precious and priceless moment that you shared – thank you!

  10. Kreetta /// 02.15.2016 /// 3:44am

    Thank you for wonderful podcast it was great to hear Happy Red Fish because I’m a huge fan of her and great to get closer her world like this. I also love your blog and that has also been a big inspiration for me. I just say Wow for you both.

  11. Gretchen /// 02.15.2016 /// 8:48am

    Wow, I loved this—and I was mesmerized by the “technical” talk about gluing dots–I just soak it all in when artists talk about their process–inspiring!! Makes me want to try all kinds of new things!

  12. the jealous curator /// 02.15.2016 /// 8:28pm

    yay! that was my plan all along ; )

  13. Melissa /// 02.16.2016 /// 12:21pm

    This episode made me so happy. She is so humble and sweet! Love the little insider tips too. Thanks!

  14. Niki Havekost /// 02.17.2016 /// 11:28am

    I love her work! I haven’t listened yet as I am trying to catch up on previous episodes since school started. I am behind….What I do love about your interviews is your curiosity about how creativity works for each artist and the individual way in which each as made their professional mark….and how many ways there are to be fulfilled as an artist. Makes me think that it is still possible. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  15. the jealous curator /// 02.17.2016 /// 9:50pm

    absolutely possible! ; )

  16. Hollie /// 02.21.2016 /// 1:35pm

    SO GOOD! I could listen to people talk collage all day. literally. <3 So inspiring, Hagar! I wish we could all have a Clipping Sleep-Away Camp and show up with boxes of old magazines and wine. How much fun would that be??

  17. Constance /// 04.18.2016 /// 9:59am

    Yay! That was the best! I actually teared up with joy listening to you two falling in love with each other! Thanks again for another wonderful podcast. I’m going to start following Hagar on Instagram.

  18. Carolina /// 05.27.2017 /// 4:32am

    So sweet both of you!! And sooooo generous about your technics! thanks a lot

  19. the jealous curator /// 05.27.2017 /// 7:14am

    thank you, carolina!

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