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Oh, I do love a bizarre narrative  ♥  These gorgeous mixed media collages on canvas are the work of the prolific, Chicago based artist, Phyllis Bramson. I feel like I’m flipping through my old art history books… except that the traditional Chinese paintings suddenly have a fantastic pop culture wink! This is how Phyllis describes her work:

“I use images that are infused with lighthearted arbitrariness and amusing anecdotes about love and affection, in an often cold and hostile world. Mostly, I am making work that percolates forth life’s imperfections: that doesn’t take decorum all that seriously, refusing to separate manners of taste from larger questions about “good behavior.” The paintings are reactions to all sorts of sensuous events, from the casual encounter to highly formalized exchanges of lovemaking (and everything in between). Miniaturized schemes, which meander between love, desire, pleasure and tragedy; all channeled through seasonal changes. Burlesque-like and usually theatrical incidents, that allow for both empathy and “addled” folly, while projecting capricious irritability with comic bumps along the way.”

{found via Littlejohn Contemporary, NY}

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  1. Jane Larson Stoll /// 03.09.2016 /// 5:18pm

    So happy to see Phyllis’s work here! I knew her brother in college and met her at his wedding reception and have been following her wonderful work ever since. Love it!!

  2. jeanne corso /// 03.12.2016 /// 8:14am

    Another favorite of mine!!! I found out about Phyllis when I was studying art at UCSD over 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with her work. So glad she’s still creating fabulousness!

  3. Lanie Gannon /// 03.15.2016 /// 5:45pm

    I love Phyllis Bramson’s work and have been following it for years!
    I took a workshop with her at Anderson Ranch and consider it a pivotal
    lifetime experience.

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