anne siems


Ah, the ghostly, strange, and beautiful large scale {most are 48″x36″} paintings of German born, Seattle based artist Anne Siems. I wrote about her way back in 2012. Her work was lovely then, but it has evolved so beautifully. Here are Anne’s words on that:

“My work has moved from semi-abstract, room-filling plant and insect drawings, to paintings of detailed botanical and anatomical imagery on waxed paper bags, to my current work of young women and children on wood panel. The thread here being my fascination and awe of life on this planet and the connectedness I feel to all, but find hard to describe in words. In the process of finding healing for chronic pain and fatigue (I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia eight years ago), I have deepened my interest in shamanism, ceremony and the deep nurturing that nature provides.”


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  1. Kimberly Santini /// 03.10.2016 /// 7:07am

    I just love her work – it’s so ethereal and inspiring!!

  2. tinyWOOLF /// 03.10.2016 /// 9:57am

    waw. this really hits a nerve, as much the imagery as the story… thxs for bringing to the attention. n♥

  3. Bernadette /// 03.10.2016 /// 12:09pm

    This lady’s work is simply beautiful. There is something magical and otherworldly that she captures. I always feel inspired to look beyond the surface. To see more deeply. The fragility of life is there as well.

  4. Sharmon Davidson /// 03.11.2016 /// 2:18pm

    Anne Siems has always been a favorite of mine. These are gorgeous; thanks for sharing.

  5. Michael Young /// 03.12.2016 /// 1:36am

    This work most certainly is beautiful and magical.

  6. Pegret Harrison /// 03.12.2016 /// 4:32am

    I love the totems, the horizons thru the dress, the execution… Beautiful.

  7. DD /// 03.12.2016 /// 12:36pm

    Love the girl with antlers in so many ways. 🙂

  8. Robin Zane /// 03.13.2016 /// 5:49am

    I found this work to evoke stillness or solitude with a connection and bonding of ones soul with nature.
    What I love about her work, is that it draws the viewer in and slowly reveals itself over time.
    I am mesmerized it’s a feast for the eye.

  9. bruna /// 03.14.2016 /// 9:25am

    jelly fish gowns. so delicate and wispy.

  10. Mirna R /// 03.25.2016 /// 7:09am

    These are really lovely! Thank you for sharing!