kirkland bray


Love. These collages are the work of New Jersey based artist Kirkland Bray. He’s been painting for over twenty years, but in 2012 discovered a love for using found bits and pieces to create his work. Ah, a man after my own heart. I love his description of this…

I’m inspired by the hunt to find new materials and the challenge of editing. A piece is finished when the combination of shapes and ideas comes together like a puzzle; when the positive and negative space have equal say; when I’ve exhausted all other possibilities.

Ditto. And ps… I love these ones too:


comments (5)

  1. Makamo /// 03.17.2016 /// 3:32am

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love! ♥

  2. Marie /// 03.17.2016 /// 5:22am

    Such nice abstract art. I love it!

    Marie |

  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 03.17.2016 /// 8:17am

    I love how he uses negative space to balance his compositions… wonderful work…

  4. carmen woodson /// 03.17.2016 /// 11:33am

    Wow! I just looked at his website and it is stirring my collage making self in a way that has not been stirred in a while. Thank you for this post. So inspired….my stomach hurts. And I mean that in a good way!

  5. kirkland bray – Viralbuzz-site /// 03.29.2016 /// 5:48am

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