sara landeta


Beautifully drawn birds on the back of old drug boxes. LOVE. This series, titled “MEDICINE AS METAPHOR” is the work of Spanish artist Sara Landeta. Here is her description of this work:

The project includes a collection of 120 boxes of drugs that have been consumed by different patients to overcome their illnesses. All boxes are illustrated inside with a broad classification of birds from different families, being the only animal that although it gives it a meaning of freedom, because it is the only one able to connect with the earth and the sky, is also one of the main animals in captivity. This juxtaposition of the natural and the synthetic interprets the patient as a captive animal, and the bird as its metaphor.
Draw a collection of birds inside these boxes holding a single reflection ; l will learn to be birds in captivity, but they are wanting to fly, and that is what keeps them alive. 

Lovely. But sad.

comments (14)

  1. Virginia /// 04.05.2016 /// 5:28am

    Oh! This is definitely one of those “why have I never thought of this before”. So fantastic!

  2. Audrey /// 04.05.2016 /// 9:13am

    wonderful! what an awesome connection! great find Jealous Curator

  3. Sister Hilda /// 04.05.2016 /// 12:43pm

    Of your recent posts, this is one of my favorites.

  4. Stephanie /// 04.05.2016 /// 12:48pm

    wow. beautiful and very moving. love these.

  5. Belén Silva /// 04.05.2016 /// 11:24pm

    Una genial idea y maravillosos los dibujos de esta artistaza.

  6. Núria /// 04.06.2016 /// 12:37am

    ¡Qué belleza!

  7. Talia Shulze /// 04.06.2016 /// 7:26am

    so pretty!

  8. Julie /// 04.07.2016 /// 6:33am

    Beautiful and sensitive work.

  9. kristina Morais /// 04.07.2016 /// 7:25pm

    Hello, I was wondering, how i can come in contact with Sara Landeta, to purchase a piece

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