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May 4, 2016May 29, 2016. That’s how long paper artist Tiffanie Turner will be spending as the fabulous artist-in-residence at the de Young Museum in San Francisco! I had her on the podcast last year, while she was tucked away at another residency in a beautiful barn, and she talked about this… and now it’s finally here! If you’re in San Francisco, you can pop by to see “Nature Constructed”… you can see her giant flowers hung on the walls, watch her working on new pieces, talk about flowers, talk about paper, etc. And if talking’s not enough for you, you can get in on the flowery action:

During her month-long residency, museum visitors are invited to work on a giant communal botanical paper sculpture, learning how to stretch the paper into the proper shape and adhere it to the flower. The first two weeks will be spent creating something vibrant and beautiful, and the last two weeks will focus on taking the piece to a state of decay, inviting visitors to return to the gallery toward the end of the residency to see the piece’s transformation.

Beautiful, on every level. Pop by the museum if you can {tell her I say hi!}, and if you’re too far away then you can follow along on Instagram: #natureconstructedsf

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  1. Uncle Beefy /// 05.11.2016 /// 9:54am

    OMGosh! I mean, seriously?!! Her talents are banana-pants crazy good!!! Well, you know that. Everyone knows that. But my heart soars every time I see her work! And one day I hope to see it in person.

  2. KatrinaLynn /// 05.11.2016 /// 7:20pm

    Are the flowers for sale? I’m obsessed with gigantic paper flowers! I have to have one!

  3. the jealous curator /// 05.11.2016 /// 9:35pm

    i think so… but don’t quote me on that!

  4. Hilda /// 05.11.2016 /// 9:53pm

    It has been such a joy to watch her prepare for this residency!

  5. Maria /// 05.13.2016 /// 12:36pm


    amazing work!

  6. Nikki /// 05.14.2016 /// 11:10am

    Love love love the dinosaur sized massive plumes of fluffy spikey flowery flowers. I’m gonna check it out!

  7. erik jones | Online Art News /// 05.17.2016 /// 12:46pm

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