adam hall


Adam Hall is a lot of things. He’s a Nashville based graphic designer by day… and an insanely talented, self-taught, oil painter by night. Wow. {Note: I felt the need to surround that brush fire with water images. As someone who lives in a 100 year old farmhouse in forest fire country, it just seemed like the responsible thing to do.} Ok, obviously his landscapes have an effect on me! Here are Adam’s words about his work:

“These Moments that grab us and speak to our inner selves when we least expect them to. Some of my most profound moments of discovery have been while staring out into the vast landscape and allowing myself to be open.”

Beautiful. Speaking of which, Adam also happens to be a dad… this was just too much sweetness to pass up on {plus the added bonus that you can see the scale of his work}


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  1. Briana /// 07.21.2016 /// 5:31am

    All of these pieces are beautiful, but that last one is seriously stunning.


  2. Sharmon Davidson /// 07.21.2016 /// 8:00am

    These paintings are so scrumptious, so rich, so atmospheric, I feel I would like to live in them. Of course, I might drown…

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.21.2016 /// 8:05am

    live in the one with the house! #safetyfirst

  4. I love lists - Shutterbean /// 07.22.2016 /// 1:00am

    […] would like one of these paintings over my […]

  5. Trish O'Sullivan /// 07.23.2016 /// 2:01am

    Hello, Your Paintings Are Absolutely Amazing … I Love Artwork / Paintings etc… I Would Love One Of Your Paintings In Amy Home … Do You Sell Then ? if So, Far And Wide, To The Uk As, That Is Where I Live … I Would Be Honoured, To Have One Of Your Pieces On My Wall … Absolutely Surreal, Magnificent, Stunning Work … Regards, Trish O’Sullivan x

  6. Elissa S Nesheim /// 07.25.2016 /// 9:47am

    the studio is so neat and tidy. im jealous. absolutely brilliant work… just cannot get over those moody clouds. <3 so love.

  7. Leah Sullivan /// 07.26.2016 /// 5:11am

    You are capturing moments brilliantly in your work. The scenes, while quiet, are stunning.

  8. Constance /// 08.15.2016 /// 10:20pm

    Please have Adam Hall on the podcast! Pleeeaaasssee! I want to know how, when and why he taught himself to paint like that! Does he have other art training? Or is he a banker or short order cook turned master painter? What’s up?!?!?! This work is truly beautiful. I love it!

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