andre schulze


Buildings floating in quiet gray spaces, windows lit from within. Yep, I love these paintings by German artist Andre Schulze. Old meets new if you look closely… old architecture with a solid internet connection! Note the @ symbols here and there, the occasional Apple logo on a laptop through one of those rose-colored windows. Love.

{He has a show coming up this fall… it opens on September 15 at F5A by Gallery Z  Stuttgart}

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  1. Briana /// 07.25.2016 /// 5:33am

    Love these. They remind me of Wes Anderson.


  2. gemma gene /// 07.25.2016 /// 10:03am


  3. Rosalinda /// 07.25.2016 /// 12:50pm

    Love these! I have a long-time fascination with peeking into windows lit from within (not in a creepy way! Really! It’s just so interesting to see what people have on their walls. To see lamps. Sofas. Cushions…)

  4. karen /// 08.21.2016 /// 8:34am

    Totally unique and extra ordinarily done!!

    Excellent Find Danielle!

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