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Ok, I may have gotten a little out of control with this post… but I dare you to visit the site and/or Instagram feed of Australia based artist Leonie Barton and NOT get completely lost in her work. I’ve been following this daily series for quite a while and thought that the last day of August might just be the perfect time to write about these nature-inspired beauties. Can you imagine strolling along the beach to find one of these? Sticks, shells, bits of plastic, rusty bottle caps – turned from beach debris into beautifully composed art pieces. Here are Leonie’s words about this body of work:

“The current ephemeral works and sculpture in the galleries are a continuation and a variation on, a years long daily discipline of creating an artwork regardless of circumstance, weather or location and using only materials from the ground, found in the moment… left behind for others to experience.”

Gorgeous. See you in September.

{Any work on her site can be ordered as a print. Just reach out to her at: leonie@leoniebarton.com}

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  1. marc cardwell /// 08.31.2016 /// 6:11am

    i love this, and have made a few little woodland sculpture/assemblages myself, but not anywhere near this scale. i saw the following on this is colossal a while back, the guy took natural materials and animated them in the woods. beautiful: http://pauljphotoroll.tumblr.com

  2. Lesley Frenz /// 08.31.2016 /// 8:50am

    Such a simple idea, but such stunning results! By far one of my favorite JC finds recently! Love love love.

  3. jennifer /// 08.31.2016 /// 4:32pm

    I love this. I want to be her and live where she lives. So inspiring. Beautiful!!!!

  4. Jay /// 08.31.2016 /// 7:57pm

    getting that second perspective on for each piece is really neat. nice work!

  5. fiona chandler /// 08.31.2016 /// 9:05pm

    Leonie is an amazing talent. I do live where she lives and the beach never looks like this after I leave. The daily practice and huge effort to record it is (almost) as incredible as the works she leaves behind.

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.01.2016 /// 7:28am

    totally agree! such a beautiful habit to get into!

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  8. Sam mackie /// 09.03.2016 /// 5:18am

    Utterly filled with delight to scroll thru this post and find the gorgeous Leonie and her work here. Her working beautiful and so is she!