ekaterina popova


Monday, amirite? Sigh. I would love to curl up in any of these cozy, disheveled rooms. These are the candy-hued oil paintings of Ekaterina┬áPopova. Not only is she a talented artist in her own right, she’s also the woman behind Create Magazine… a fabulous artist that supports other artists? Yep, that’s my kind o’ woman!

comments (7)

  1. marianne clancy /// 01.09.2017 /// 7:58am

    rich gorgeous and engaging~absolutely love these paintings. I want one!

  2. Rebecca Keen /// 01.09.2017 /// 10:26am

    These are absolutely amazing. The artist happens to be my best friend and I can tell you, she’s as warm, sweet, and dazzling in personality as she is through her work.

  3. jenn Swarthout /// 01.09.2017 /// 1:41pm

    Every one of these paintings are stunning. The color scheme is perfect and creates a tranquil mood. You described the color perfectly (candy).

  4. ST /// 01.09.2017 /// 5:00pm

    Love the highlights!

  5. Julie /// 01.11.2017 /// 12:49am

    Love these! So rich and full of life!!

  6. Anna H├╝ben /// 01.12.2017 /// 12:36am

    Seems I was waiting all my life to see this powerful and deeply touching works.

  7. Ariona /// 01.16.2017 /// 2:12pm

    I love the color combination. So dreamy!

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