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Gasp! Flower-bombing!? How do I even begin to explain how happy these beautiful, blooming beards make me. These magical interventions are the work of Brussels based florist / installation artist, Geoffroy Mottart. Here are his words about why he does what he does:

“This project consists in the decoration of statues, somewhat forgotten, which are part of the decor of our parks. A small note of color making a call to passers-by. This idea came to me, because I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention. Apart from many of these works, they are testimonies of the past. I believe they are worth seeing, they are part of our cultural heritage! … My job as a florist gives me the opportunity to restore a new life, a new breath of originality to these forgotten statues, which no longer arouse the interest of passers-by while flourishing public places.”


{via Colossal}

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  1. Samantha Agar /// 01.10.2017 /// 9:23am

    So beautiful I can’t put words on it. Wow.

  2. Nikkie /// 01.14.2017 /// 11:27am

    i absolutely love these busts with blooms. AWESOME idea! i agree the statues blend into the background as people walk by. statues, in their day, were important “selfies” of the time and person. in many cases we wouldn’t know what the person of history looked like without these statue portraits! we can’t ignore the statues and that’s why i love these flower heads! I like all of them, but if I had to pick one for keeps, it would be the bottom statue with roses!

  3. Janvier 2016 : mes favoris - La Lune Mauve /// 01.30.2017 /// 8:22am

    […] Les barbes à fleurs de Geoffroy Mottart m’épatent ! J’adore ce genre de projet artistique, si simple en apparence et pourtant si original. […]

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