am debrincat


These are the beautifully bizarre mixed media portraits of Brooklyn based artist AM DeBrincat. They are combination of old and new, digital and analog… so yes, when I say ‘mixed media’, I’m not kidding:

DeBrincat’s process starts by appropriating photos from analog and digital archives – historical portrait photography, commercial ad campaigns, and selfies from social media – and arranging small sections of up to 50 photos into a single, deceptively seamless digital composition. DeBrincat then combines colored pencil, acrylic painting, xerox transfer printing, and oil painting to create a hybrid image which transfers the digital image onto canvas and interweaves digital photography with centuries-old painting techniques. From this intricate layering process emerge portraits that complicate the boundaries between the digital and the hand-wrought image, and which question the lines we draw between the digital world and “real life.”


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  1. marianne clancy /// 02.20.2017 /// 1:29pm

    of course… I LOVE! these

  2. John /// 02.25.2017 /// 5:38am

    Not for me, I’m afraid.

    A bit too messy.


  3. Heather. Blume /// 02.25.2017 /// 6:43am

    Initially very alluring but after spending time with this work ,5 min., I see the “digital” overpowering the ” life”. Keep working though, just put some more of your “life” into it. You are on to something wonderful, just needs more seemlessness .

  4. Nikkie /// 02.25.2017 /// 9:28am

    awesome amazing process! i can’t believe what all goes into these art pieces and i love technology meets the canvas thing! my fav is the last painting with sleeping floral heads! their not messy their incredible!

  5. Laura Dene Mchugh /// 02.25.2017 /// 12:11pm

    I love AM’s work. Love. Thank you for featuring her.

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