shawna gilmore


Ahhh, such a pretty game of hide & seek. These paintings {acrylic on cradled wood panel} are the work of American artist Shawna Gilmore from her series, “Chameleon”. I’ve never been much of a wallflower, but I’m suddenly inspired to give it a try!

{These paintings are exclusively available at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis}

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 03.21.2017 /// 11:16am

    Those patterns are so divine! Lawnmower boy is my fave for its surrealist concept.

  2. marianne clancy /// 03.21.2017 /// 1:14pm

    love these~clever ~creative~ and gorgeous!

  3. Mike /// 03.22.2017 /// 2:32am

    Wow. I really like these. What a creative imagination to come up with this Chameleon series! I think my favorite is the bottom one with the girl wrapping herself up in the wallpaper.

  4. Paul McIntyre /// 03.22.2017 /// 7:28am

    Almost as delightful as her paintings are the whimsical titles she creates for each.

  5. Christie Turano /// 03.25.2017 /// 1:24am

    The patterns are the “modesty” it seems of the person in the
    paintings and Veils the truth of the narrative but the eyes are not so guarded even in complacency! I Liked the picture within a picture within another picture, a sense of going deeper. Thank you!

  6. Nikkie /// 03.25.2017 /// 9:59am

    my fave is the girl reading on a chair. love the colors, flowers, and that being a wallflower is a more complex person than simply blending in the background!

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