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And for scale…

Oh, YES! Years ago, as in within the first month of launching “The Jealous Curator” I wrote about Mando Marie (aka Amanda Marie in 2009). To say I was obsessed with her work back then would be a massive understatement. Over the years I tried finding her again but her site was gone and I wasn’t sure if she’d stopped making art… thankfully that is not the case! I just discovered that she has a new solo show, titled “Can It Be?” that is currently showing at The Marcy Project, 275 South 2nd Street Brooklyn (co-curated by Darren Johnston of Marcy, and Hyland Mather of Andeken Gallery, Amsterdam). If you’re in New York, please go… these large scale mixed media pieces (acrylic, aerosol, and sewing pattern on canvas) still take my breath away, 8 years later.

ps. I’m trying to book her for the 100th episode of the podcast! … #fullcirclemoment 

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  1. marianne clancy /// 04.17.2017 /// 10:18am

    very similar to henry darger ~nice!

  2. Luciano /// 04.21.2017 /// 4:02pm

    Beautiful art 🙂 And yes, Marianne, you nailed it, it has some similarity to Henry Darger, but she has managed to bring it to 2017 (He’s always modern nevertheless). It has some contemporaneity to it, I think.

  3. Nikkie /// 04.22.2017 /// 7:22am

    OMG, I love this artwork! heart heart, love, love,

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  5. dorris /// 05.12.2017 /// 2:26am

    also obsessed, such gorgeous work! look forward to the podcast.