terry thompson

Paintings. What?! This is the work {oil on canvas} of San Francisco based artist Terry Thompson. I am a sucker for old signs, and these beauties are no exception! Here’s why he does what he does:

“For more than a decade, I have focused primarily on paintings of old neon signs that have somehow avoided the wrecking ball—signs that have lived. I see these signs as historically and emotionally charged metaphors for unrelenting time. In these paintings I strive to reveal the hidden beauty of these banal, rusty relics, by rendering them in oil paint.”

Revealing the hidden beauty… check!

comments (4)

  1. marianne clancy /// 05.10.2017 /// 12:23pm

    plain ole AMAZING! love these!

  2. Amy Shiffer /// 05.10.2017 /// 3:18pm


  3. Julie Flandorfer /// 05.11.2017 /// 2:34pm

    These are so lovely. Creamy colors that remind me of Wayne Thiebaud. Love your site and all the podcasts too!

  4. Nikkie /// 05.13.2017 /// 9:03am

    Viva Vintage Signs! XOXOXO so cool and rendered to perfection!

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