polluted water popsicles

Beautiful, until you realize what you’re looking at … “Polluted Water Popsicles”. I have to be honest, I don’t really know the full story behind this project. They only have a Facebook page, with justĀ a little bit of information… but would that stop me from writing about these gross beauties that are making a VERY important point? Absolutely not. Now, that bit of information isn’t in English, so this is what Google Translate told me their “about” section said:

Nice = delicious?
From Taiwan’s 100 polluted water sources, made it into ice, and then re-engraved into a 1: 1 poly model to do the show, through the sense of the impact of beautiful packaging to convey the importance of pure water, and finally to show the real Appearance. So beautiful pudding, you dare to eat?

Works for me! Pretty popsicles, important message … but don’t even think about licking one. Seriously.

UPDATE: Just found out a little more {thanks to Hosanna for commenting on Facebook!} This is what she told me: “These were created by 3 design students in Taiwan for their graduation exhibition. They took water samples from 100 water sources (including rivers, sewers, streams, etc.) that people normally wouldn’t notice, but were already polluted. They used the water samples to make popsicles and in turn made 1:1 poly models of the popsicles, which are what you’re seeing. They did this to emphasize and show how important clean water is to the environment.”

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  1. Sara /// 06.06.2017 /// 4:56am

    Wow, these are totally amazing. What a fantastic idea. Also, thanks for all the inspiration you bring.

  2. Beth McBride /// 06.06.2017 /// 6:11am

    Visually stunning, but sad

  3. Kelsey Livingston /// 06.06.2017 /// 11:09am

    I want to know more about that purple one. WHERE DID THAT WATER COME FROM!?

  4. Ana /// 06.06.2017 /// 12:54pm

    Scary and beautiful and so, so interesting.

    Kudos to them for the idea!

  5. haley /// 06.06.2017 /// 2:02pm

    On first look i thought “cool”…which quickly turned into “eww..:/”, reminds me of what’s happening in Flint, MI and so many other places around the world. Love this project and message, very relevant.

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  8. Love Inallwedo /// 06.08.2017 /// 1:46pm

    Super cool! I wish I had thought of it :0)

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  11. Sydney Roberts /// 06.23.2018 /// 7:04am

    May I use this in a museum I run in Maine, USA?

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