chris roberts-antieau

Do I desperately want to see all of the pieces in this crazy grouping of embroidered eyes? Yes, yes I do. Well, these were the only three I could find enlarged, so for now I’ll have to be satisfied with Prince, Lincoln, and Tom Waits. This embroidery in found frames series is titled “Genius Eyes”, and is the work of New Orleans based artist Chris Roberts-Antieau. Her portfolio is overflowing with work created using fabric, thread, and brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, I have to attach the letter she has posted to her ‘about’ page:

Amen  ♥

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  1. leigh hannan /// 07.19.2017 /// 6:30am

    I love these.

  2. Maria Ho /// 07.19.2017 /// 6:33am

    Dont’t know what I love most – the art or the statement!

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.19.2017 /// 6:52am


  4. Tracey /// 07.19.2017 /// 12:10pm

    The statement hits home for me. My 5th grade art teacher told me, “You are not an artist and never will be.” I took her statement to heart as a child but thank goodness, I’ve followed my inner drum and ended up where I am. Thanks for sharing!

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.19.2017 /// 3:29pm

    ugh. why oh why do some teachers feel the need to say such crap? glad you followed that inner drum instead!

  6. Christine /// 07.21.2017 /// 10:49am

    I just write on my planner for tomorrow – Goal: JOY. Then I saw Chris’ letter today. I want to make joy a theme every day.

  7. Brandi /// 07.22.2017 /// 12:27pm

    I loooooove all of this!!
    I have to say, that for me I had the opposite experience with teachers. I never went to art school either (prob a blessing in some ways) but had an elementary teacher that told me I should be a writer and gave me the number of a publisher. As well, as encouragement from teachers about my creativity in high school. Coming from a small farming community, this was a big deal. As an adult, I’m grateful for those small encouragements that I would never have known to look for in myself otherwise.
    It’s funny what we’re shown on these cuckoo journeys of life.

  8. Janet Hale /// 07.22.2017 /// 6:23pm

    Love your vision (bad pun intended) and your thought invoking words of wisdom.

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