nostalgia, lots of research … and a ghost

A love of history, a badly timed diagnosis, researching everything, taking found images from small to huge, and a really spooky ghost story. Yes, all of it! I’m so excited to have American artist Daisy Patton on the podcast. I know I always say this… I’ve loved her work for years, but after this conversation I love it even more. You can listen right under that flower-faced swimmer, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, these are a few of Daisy’s pieces I wrote about back in 2015:

So good! But, when I mentioned right off the top of the episode that she “was on fire” with this ongoing series {titled “Forgetting Is So Long”}, I was not kidding. Look at these beauties… and note the life-size SCALE:

What? The detail, the size, the palette… ALL OF IT. On. Fire.

Next, well, more images to show scale. I thought all of her work was small-ish, so I was pretty excited to find out the huge range she works within. That said, I feel the need to show you more:

Yes, I love them all. Small, medium, large.

Ok, onto the funeral paintings. This one is titled “A Bulgarian Funeral”:

Whoa. I’d love to stand in front of this in person. ps. that’s Daisy doing exactly that.

This next piece is one of her latest research crushes… funeral wreaths and the meaning behind the various symbols. Doves, banners, circular arrangements, etc:

Phew, luckily the dove is pointing up in this arrangement. Apparently facing down means you’re going somewhere other than heaven.

Speaking of heaven, this is where Daisy is right this very minute. Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. She’s there for a ten week residency {aka heaven}, so I thought I’d show you what she’s up to. A few really big wips {works in progress}, and apparently she stumbled on her very own print shop:

Sigh. Gorgeous.

And finally, I just can’t end a post without a shot of an artist with their work:

Beautiful, on every level. Thank you soooo much to Daisy for taking so much time away from her residency to hang out with me {and for telling me that ghost story – thank goodness voicemail now exists instead of answering machines!}; thanks to both Saatchi Art and Thrive Mastermind for supporting the episode; as always thank you so much for stopping by to look ‘n listen! There will be more art for your ear next weekend:

Other links:

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  1. Rebecca Hoyer /// 11.04.2017 /// 3:16pm

    I used to work for a big printing company and we would print 1-up things onto different substrates. Below is the description of one of the presses. If I was you I would call some printers and see what they could do for you. They could print directly onto the panel and you would not have to mount.

    126″ x 63″ INCA ONSET X2 4CP + 2 WHITES 10-CHANNEL
    Flatbed edge to edge printing. Thickness up to 1.8”. Prints on most materials rigid and flexible and eliminates costly mounting charges. Capability to print variable spot or flood gloss or satin coatings

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.04.2017 /// 6:22pm

    AMAZING! thanks rebecca!

  3. Julie /// 11.05.2017 /// 1:39am

    I loved everything about this!!!

  4. jeff chiplis /// 11.05.2017 /// 8:15am

    danielle, an especially good week full of artist.

  5. Michelle /// 11.05.2017 /// 11:53am

    What an inspirational conversation between two very inspirational people! Thank you! 🙂

  6. Kipling West /// 11.05.2017 /// 2:39pm

    Loved this conversation! Especially the part about secret symbols used in your art, so you get to keep a bit of privacy. What’s cool about that is, sometimes the meanings change over time…

  7. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2017 /// 6:26am

    yes, they really do. : )

  8. Yasmeen /// 11.06.2017 /// 6:46am

    Oh my..
    This is the first time I listen to an Art For Your Ear episode twice in a row!
    I’m amazed, inspired, motivated and soooooo touched.
    I have MS too, but usually the moment I hear the word MS coming out from another artist’s mouth, I runaway for miles and hide, fearing to get any depressing life feedback or a suffocating “MS is me” identifications.. But here, it’s the absolute opposite!
    Fun, delightful, charming, intelligent, extremely inspiring, uplifting and a rich conversation that I’ll probably listen to for a third time soon.
    (I definitely will look for the books mentioned in this episode)

    LOVE from Paris,

  9. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2017 /// 7:10am

    yay! oh i’m so glad, yasmeen! yes, i love how daisy approaches life, art, everything. i’ll listen 3 times too : )

  10. joanne Neville /// 11.06.2017 /// 8:04am

    Such a beautiful Podcast, Daisy is a deeply connected artist love her work. She’s also a spectacularly gifted ghost storyteller, ohhh spooky 🙂

  11. Kelly Witmer /// 11.06.2017 /// 8:44am

    Amazing work, I loved this episode!
    Wondered if you could post the name of the art consultant you talked about? I stopped painting and rewound twice, but couldn’t understand – Chen?
    Thanks for the awesome podcast!

  12. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2017 /// 10:02pm

    oh yes! it’s pennylane shen (i’ll add her link to the bottom of the post too!)

  13. Michael Joyal /// 11.06.2017 /// 2:14pm

    Guinea Pigs do count as children!!!

  14. Lisa /// 11.09.2017 /// 8:31am

    If you like ghost stories then please look into Lore podcast on Spotify!!

  15. the jealous curator /// 11.09.2017 /// 8:48am

    oooh! ok!

  16. Melissa Belanger /// 11.09.2017 /// 11:06am

    I loved this episode too! & I agree with Lisa, if you love ghost stores, the Lore podcast is amazing! Also amazing: the book “Wisconsin Death Trip” by Michael Lesy & mentioned in this podcast. It is compiled from an archive/cache of photos discovered in a town (Black River Falls) just two hours south of where you just were in River Falls, WI. The book is hauntingly unique & you can view a documentary version on youtube (as always, not as good as the book). It has been a source of inspiration for many artists, me included in my earlier days.

  17. Sheila Byrne /// 12.30.2017 /// 2:02pm

    Loved this podcast xx

  18. the jealous curator /// 12.31.2017 /// 7:51am

    me too … there might have to be a ghost story in every episode!!!

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