francesca pasquali

“Hot Straws” Red, pink and violet straws on wooden panel and metallic frame; “Too Late” colored silicone bracelets on wooden panel and metallic frame; “Spiderballs” blue, red, yellow, fuschia, and gray plastic cobweb dusters, steel cables and metallic nets… whoa. When this is your art supply shopping list, you know something magical is about to happen. And, if you can believe it, these fantastical works are just the tip of the creative iceberg when it comes to the portfolio of Italian artist Francesca Pasquali. Love, love, love!

comments (2)

  1. Axl /// 11.30.2017 /// 7:51am

    Terrific work

  2. leigh hannan /// 11.30.2017 /// 2:03pm

    I would like a carpet of those silicone bracelets. Or maybe just an entire wall filled with them!