natalie baxter

What do you do when your artwork causes crazy people to come out of the woodwork? Turn their horrible online comments into soft sculptures, of course! Oh, how I love this new series, titled ALT CAPS, by New York based artist Natalie Baxter. I had her on the podcast last January to talk about her droopy Warm Guns and tassel-covered Bloated Flags, and she admitted both series get some pretty nasty comments from time to time. Well, instead of allowing those rude words to stop her, Natalie decided to spend a good part of 2017 turning those trolly words into a whole new series … brilliant and hilarious. Mic drop.

ps. Natalie is another of the contemporary artists featured in my upcoming book. Seriously, with work like this, how could she not be!?

comments (4)

  1. Louisa /// 12.06.2017 /// 12:23pm

    Amazing! Mic drop indeed!

  2. Nikkie /// 12.09.2017 /// 11:19am

    GREAT way to recompose and recycle those nasty comments!
    I have a huge pile of negative comments to recompose and recycle!

  3. Elizabeth Alley /// 01.30.2018 /// 12:57pm

    I just listened to your podcast with Natalie Baxter when she talked about thinking about doing these – it’s so great to see them! What a prolific artist! I’m way behind on both the podcast and the blog 🙂

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2018 /// 5:30pm

    isn’t that cool! i loved that we got to hear her first thoughts, and then actually see a final product!