ulla-stina wikander

Discarded household items covered lovingly in discarded cross-stitch embroideries. LOVE. This is the work of Swedish artist Ulla-Stina Wikander, and this is her story behind this body of work:

”For more then 10 years I have collected cross-stitch embroideries and today I have quite a big collection with over 100 different designs. These embroideries have mostly been made by women and is seen as kitsch and regarded pretty worthless. I think that sometimes they are really beautiful and I want to bring them back to life. In 2012 I started to cover ordinary household things from the 70s, like a sewing machine, vaccuum cleaner, electric mixer etc. I find it interesting to see how these objects transforms in a new context; the obsolete, the things we do not want any longer, the old and forgotten things. I give them a second life and although I cut the embroideries into pieces, I still think they look very beautiful, when the objects has been ”dressed up”. 


{found via Create Magazine’s Instagram feed}

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  1. Axl /// 01.04.2018 /// 11:12am

    So wonderfully anachronistic 🙂

  2. Swedish Embroidery Artist Ulla-Stina Wikander That Turns Discarded Items Into Art – Jemie Natalie Phua /// 01.05.2018 /// 5:26am

    […] Source: Jealous Curator […]

  3. leigh hannan /// 01.05.2018 /// 7:22am

    I want that coffee pot and toaster in my kitchen 🙂

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.05.2018 /// 6:36pm

    me too… and the typewriter and the phone.

  5. Carlynn Wolfe /// 01.06.2018 /// 12:41am

    I find these objects even more interesting learning the cross-stitch is recycled. It pleases me that so much effort is appreciated and reused by this artist.

  6. Crites-Moore Morna /// 01.06.2018 /// 1:29pm

    What a great find! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Susannah Mntague /// 01.07.2018 /// 8:51pm

    These are just gorgeous, what a flippin cool idea

  8. Kirsten /// 01.08.2018 /// 2:18pm

    LOVE the recycling aspect of this!

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