vicki smith

Aaaaaand, exhale. This is the dreamy underwater work of Canadian painter Vicki Smith. Where did this fascination with bodies in water come from? I’ll let Vicki explain…

“The female figure has always been central to my work. Water became the solution for where to place the figures. Watching my daughter swim in a northern lake was an “aha” moment. Slipping in and out of the surface of the water was pure poetry, no gravity, no boundaries, just a lovely fluid movement. It gave my figures a recognizable place to exist, without confining them to a specific statement. Also, because water and swimming are universal, it allows the viewer to bring their own story to the painting.” ~ 2016 interview with Bau-Xi Gallery

ps. For scale, Vicki looking at Vicki’s work…

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  2. Susan McArthur /// 11.23.2018 /// 11:52am

    so incredibly beautiful. thank you for sharing.. dreamy soft calming beautiful tones.. I love it

  3. Silvana Baylac /// 11.30.2018 /// 10:17am

    OMG this is so beautiful!