ronald jackson

Gasp! This is the large-scale, absolutely breathtaking work of American artist Ronald Jackson… and yes, that’s Ashley Longshore peeking up behind two of his pieces. I was just scrolling through Instagram {as you do} and saw her post about her latest, and very smart, art acquisition – !!! – Clearly, I dropped everything and wrote about him immediately. Beautifully painted patterns, masks, and those eyes… those eyes that stare into your soul. Not only is his work fascinating, so is his story. Let’s jump in right here:

… In 2001, halfway through his military career, Jackson had an epiphany that inspired him to consider a post-military career as an artist and painter. However, he realized that he needed much development, and that there was little to no opportunity to attend art school while serving abroad. He therefore read, researched and studied all he could in order to experience significant growth as he worked towards improving his skill; while at the same time, managing multiple military deployments and frequent training exercises.

Um yes, I have to get him on the podcast.

comments (4)

  1. Edinburgh /// 12.11.2018 /// 6:34am

    Really fascinating, I can’t stop watching them!

  2. Jen /// 12.11.2018 /// 8:36pm

    Ooooh, I’d love a podcast episode with him!

  3. Chanel Christoff Davis /// 12.15.2018 /// 5:08am

    Ronald Jackson is simply amazing. I have so many artists that I would love to hear on your podcast. I’m so glad you discovered Ronald.


  4. clare boersch /// 01.02.2019 /// 11:45am

    These are so incredible! Can’t wait to hear his story 😀

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