cecil kemperink

Big, beautiful, woven CERAMICS. Oh my word. This is the absolutely stunning work of Dutch artist¬†Cecil Kemperink. Elegant ceramic rings, in quiet colors, interconnecting to create a little bit of poetry…

“Her sculptures are connections between her varied passions: textile, clay, dance, fashion and sculpture. Kemperink works intuitively. The sculpture grows in her hands. The manual process of connecting the circles gives rise to an attentive, and labor-intensive process. Her sculptures have many appearances. They are more than 3 dimensional;¬† you can also change the form, hear the sound and experience the feeling when you touch the work.”

I want to touch them, pick them up, and carry them around just like Cecil! Happy Monday.

comments (4)

  1. Kaylee Dalton /// 04.09.2019 /// 9:46am

    Ok, the level of skill and detail is insane!! beyond beautiful

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.09.2019 /// 1:19pm

    right?! i can’t stop staring.

  3. colleen gene behrens /// 05.02.2019 /// 6:22pm

    amazing work .. x

  4. me estherwerk /// 12.18.2019 /// 7:58am

    masterpiece. very really good