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“This Time Will Be Different*: A 365 Painting Project” …  and it was, because she just finished her last painting! This project is the work of American artist Megan Foldenauer. I’ve written about her candy paintings before, but I always love a good art challenge and, boy oh boy, she nailed this one. Each day of the week had a theme (a trick that kept her engaged and motivated). The pieces above are just a few of my favorites taken from “Junk in Your Trunk Tuesdays”, because seashells, mixed tapes, friendship pins and tiny pink Barbie shoes are my kind o’ junk! Here are Megan’s words about this series:

“In the past, I’d just wing my 365 projects and rapidly run out of ideas. Devising a new object every day becomes exhausting fast, leading to dread, and that doesn’t jibe with happy art-making. This time I’m out-smarting myself with several pre-emptive moves – a one-hour time limit per day for painting creation, creating the paintings a day in advance (so I’m not posting them the day-of at 11:59pm), a stockpile of 400 sheets of paper already “torn down” to the perfect uniform size, [themes for each day of the week], and a veritable cornucopia of references that I amassed before the project started.” 

Very clever, beautifully painted, and ridiculously fun! Check out the other days of the week – including “Foodie Fridays” and “Taxidermy Thursdays” – on Megan’s site. ps. She will be having a ONE NIGHT SHOW… TONIGHT! Yep. All 365 pieces will be on display from 5-11pm, and you should go if you are anywhere near 108 Pearl Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan (aka Pearl Street Studios). 

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