creative block

As of February 18th, 2014 CREATIVE BLOCK was on shelves all over the world! I am still pinching myself to tell you the truth. I could not be more proud of this collection of interviews and art work, and am so thankful to Chronicle Books for making it happen.


I came up with the idea for CREATIVE BLOCK for myself, just as much as for all of you. I wanted to make something beautiful – a contemporary art book filled not only with inspiring images, but also inspiring words, advice, and tips to help amateurs and professionals alike, find their way through those days when the ideas just won’t come. Because everyone who dabbles in something creative {writers, musicians, actors, artists} feels that way at some point – right? Right. I wanted to write this book to show you that if you’re feeling this way you’re not alone either. I’ve written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts about successful, working artists who seem to have this whole “creative thing” figured out. But surely they have blocks from time to time? How do they get through them? Where do they find fresh inspiration? How do they handle negative feedback? Does it stop them in their tracks? Now, these full time artists don’t have the luxury of not finishing, or giving up on a project – not when they’ve got a gallery or art buyer waiting on them! So how do they push themselves through those moments when the ideas just aren’t there? Or when the ideas are there, but their hands or materials will not cooperate.


Here is the list of the fifty amazingly open, honest, witty, thoughtful, funny, talented artists that allowed me to interview them about their own creative blocks, insecurities, and inner-critics. Not only did they give us a candid view into their creative process, but each of them wrote a “creative unblock exercise” to help shake us out of our own blocks. Amazing? YES!


CREATIVE BLOCK is available world-wide (?!) in most large bookstores, art stores, gallery gift shops, indie shops, but if you can’t find it, it’s also available online. If you have any questions about CREATIVE BLOCK, just leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you!

ps. I also want to say a huge thank you to Jerry Saltz {Sr. Art Critic at New York Magazine}, Brené Brown {PhD; Author of Daring Greatly}, and Faythe Levine {Author, director, artist} for writing endorsements that appear on the back cover. I am beyond thrilled that you gave your stamp of approval. Thank you all, so much.

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  1. Jamie Sharpe /// 01.09.2014 /// 7:33am


    I’d love to buy a signed copy of Creative Block from you, if I could trouble you to ship it.

    Warm regards from the Yukon,


  2. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2014 /// 7:35am

    hi jamie! sure! when it’s in stores i’ll pick one up for you : ) … thank you!!

  3. Lisa Golightly: good mail day /// 02.18.2014 /// 3:55pm

    […] info here!  get your own copy! 0 commentscategories: uncategorized var addthis_config = […]

  4. flora vagi /// 02.24.2014 /// 10:28am

    would love to peek inside 🙂

  5. Francesca Cattaneo /// 02.24.2014 /// 10:40am

    How much beauty this book is holding inside.
    Please let me know how can i get one from here…

    Baci from Toronto!

  6. Mariane Schwaderer /// 02.24.2014 /// 11:00am

    Hi Danielle,

    I’m personally jealous about your amazing book! I would LOVE to have one and enjoy it from top to bottom! Although I might be aiming to high because I live in Berlin…
    Best regards from this cold side of the world,

    Mariane from Little pop Machine

  7. Michelle Bélanger /// 02.24.2014 /// 11:03am

    Oh! I wish I could take a peek right now! 🙂 Looking forward to read it!

  8. Liat Farkash /// 02.25.2014 /// 12:14am

    Hi J.C, I would love to order the book but I
    Can’t order it online sicne it only ships to the US.
    I live in Israel, where can I purchase the book?

    Love your blog( :

    Thank you,

  9. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2014 /// 12:37am

    i’ve just emailed chronicle and i’ll let you know what they say! thanks for wanting to get it! 🙂

  10. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2014 /// 12:39am

    oh! liat, will this work?

  11. Candy Geo /// 02.26.2014 /// 5:08am

    Its been a while since I have followed up with The Jealous Curator, which I get so siked when rediscovering every time. This is exciting to see, since I just happened to write a personal post on my blog about how I will not continue to block myself from my creative potential. I definitely look forward to reading your book!

  12. the jealous curator /// 02.26.2014 /// 8:03am

    oh thanks so much… i hope it helps! blocks happen, but you can always get through them (i promise!)

  13. LA LISTE | La Touriste /// 02.27.2014 /// 3:01pm

    […] Creative Block by Danielle Krysa – This beauty is jam-packed with stunning art work, advice, projects, exercises and challenges from 50 international artists to help get your creative process back on track. […]

  14. John Lancaster /// 03.10.2014 /// 6:29pm

    Saw the article in The Writer. Looking forward to picking up the book!

  15. the jealous curator /// 03.11.2014 /// 6:58am

    oh! great! thanks john 🙂

  16. Erica /// 04.03.2014 /// 8:42am

    Ms. Krysa – I am a poet (and attorney, blah :)) and just got your book. I also got one for two friends, each of whom are writers as well. We LOVE it! I have already printed out some of my poems in huge font and am planning on a collaging project for this weekend with childhood photos and my own words. I can’t thank you enough for this stunning, useful book. With much appreciation, Erica

  17. the jealous curator /// 04.03.2014 /// 8:45pm

    oh thank you so much erica! that made my evening! thank you… and good luck with your project this weekend! so much fun!!!

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    […] “Creative Block,” is by Danielle Krysa of the fantastic blog, The Jealous Curator. In this book, she interviews artists of all mediums- asking questions, like “How do you respond to criticism?” and “When do your best ideas come to you?” Also, each artist shares a little activity you can do when you are feeling creatively blocked. Bonus! The book also serves as a portfolio of some very talented artists that you may become giddy over discovering. I feel some future posts already brewing in my mind… Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestLike this:Like Loading… […]

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    […] UGH! Ain’t it the truth! I love that she can share the work that she loves while inspiring others to get over their own fears. And I really want to read her book, Creative Block. […]

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    […] aka the Jealous Curator, who has recently published a book for blocked creatives, aptly titled The Creative Block. While we have lived in the same city, I’ve never met Danielle, but I’ve enjoyed her […]

  21. Creative Block book signing! | Lisa Golightly /// 05.21.2014 /// 12:12pm

    […] excited Danielle Krysa (aka the Jealous Curator) is in Portland tonight for a book signing for Creative Block.  I will be there, as well, signing!  If you are in Portland you should […]

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    […] Krysa, an amazing artist who also writes a fabulous blog called The Jealous Curator.  She even published a book this year! I’ve written about her on this blog before, when she was kind enough to feature my work on […]

  23. Claire Loder /// 06.17.2014 /// 6:47am

    Congratulations on the book Danielle! I’m putting it on my Christmas list!

  24. Jessie Blackman /// 06.18.2014 /// 5:36am

    Thank you so much for putting this book together! It’s keeping me active in my practise between school years. I hope this book never ends!

  25. Shelley /// 06.19.2014 /// 3:37pm

    Hi Danielle,

    I stumbled across your book on Clare Elsaesser’s instagram page – I’d love to buy a copy but Chronicle Books don’t ship to Australia. Do you know where else I’d be able to order a copy? Thanks!!


  26. Chrome hearts ピアス /// 06.27.2014 /// 9:26pm

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  27. Breaking through the creative block | Kwantlen Polytechnic University /// 07.29.2014 /// 9:36am

    […] designer, and former creative director who has interviewed 50 artists for her first book, “Creative Block” about how to overcome the inevitable. It is filled with gorgeous pictures, artists’ […]

  28. Deborah /// 09.06.2014 /// 4:07pm

    I requested a copy for my birthday – and my wish was granted. It’s a very handsome book, great format and I love the unblocking ideas. I am wondering though why there are no image credits? It’s always good to know about the medium, when the work was made and where it may reside.

  29. Deborah /// 09.06.2014 /// 4:11pm

    And also nice to know the title of the work. Another insight into the creative process.

  30. Christine /// 09.29.2014 /// 2:52pm

    I second Deborah’s comment.

    I love this book – and the artists. I just wish there would be image credits. It was actually quite a shock when I realized there wasn’t any… I assume any artist or art enthusiasts understands the importance of them, especially in printed media. Now I have no idea which pieces are tiny and which are immense!

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  32. FORTY THREE: Banana pancakes. | Folks, whack 'em. /// 11.24.2014 /// 8:06am

    […] browsed through my handbook, the Creative Block and two of the artists caught my eyes – one is Jesse Draxler and the second one is Arian […]

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    […] of inner critics, ever since I first read Danielle Krysa’s Creative Block, I’ve been thinking that it would be really cool to work my way through all the unblocking […]

  35. hye /// 01.20.2015 /// 5:29am

    hye, I’m korean art student
    this book helped me and also inspired me

  36. hye /// 01.20.2015 /// 5:31am

    hi I’m korean art student
    this book helped me and also inspired me

  37. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2015 /// 11:00am

    oh that’s great! yes, korean was the first language it was translated into!

  38. nina /// 01.30.2015 /// 3:47pm

    wow just got your book it struck a cord thank you fingers crossed it will help me going into my career as an “artist” cheers Adelaide hills Australia (Canadian expat from new-Brunswick)

  39. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2015 /// 5:29pm

    oh that’s great nina… i hope you love it!

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    […] February of 2014, Danielle came out with her first book, Creative Block. I was excited to hear about her bringing her book to life in the form of a gallery show at […]

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    […] featuring contemporary up-and-coming artists, and the blogger Danielle Krysa wrote a book called Creative Block. She always has the most beautiful images and her taste seems to mesh well with mine, so of course […]

  42. lately… {ready for summer} /// 05.22.2015 /// 5:16pm

    […] Creative Block, Apartment […]

  43. Tristesse Seeliger /// 09.13.2015 /// 8:17am


    Hi there. I will be teaching two workshops at Opus Art supplies on mixed media collage this fall. At the end of the workshop I wanted to get the students to try out three collages assignments and I wanted to highlight one or two of the creative unblock methods in your book. Would that be all right with you? Also if you were ever in Vancouver I would love to show you my work in person. Please come for a studio visit at The Gam Gallery at 110 East Hastings. We will be involved in The East Side Culture Crawl this year, which runs from November 19th – 22nd as well. I share the studio with a number of other interesting artistss so there are always lots to see down here in the ACME building. The gallery next door, The Remington, is photo based and always has great shows as well. Have a great fall and let me know if it is ok to reference your book. Warmly, Tristesse

  44. Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator | Smart Creative Women /// 11.17.2015 /// 7:11am

    […] she is not really a “mystery” per se, in fact she has written 2 very popular books, The Creative Block and Collage and takes on speaking engagements all over the country. I am itching to jump into […]

  45. bruna /// 11.23.2015 /// 6:33am

    another approach that might help us….

  46. Dicas e novidades a respeito de nós e do nosso segmento – Turn To Art Galeria Online /// 02.08.2016 /// 7:37am

    […] Ficou curioso, quer conhecer o livro, acesse aqui! […]

  47. Elizabeth Burhop /// 02.22.2016 /// 7:27am

    Hi Danielle !
    I ordered both of your books on Amazon. The Creative Block arrived with many of the pages attached together at the top (uncut). I thought you should know and discuss it with Chronicle Books. I can send you a photo if you’d like.
    Loving your Podcasts. Keep it up ; )

  48. the jealous curator /// 02.22.2016 /// 8:45am

    what?! that’s crazy! yes please send me a photo and i’ll pass on to chronicle. email me at – -thank you! and i’m so sorry about that. very strange.

  49. Misty Granade » Daily Work: March 27-April 2, 2016 /// 04.02.2016 /// 4:36pm

    […] and contrasting the finished pieces.  I love Danielle Krysa’s blog, podcast, art, & books. Big fan. Seriously having to work on not being […]

  50. Emily Barletta - Art as a Path for Healing | Explore Fiber /// 08.07.2016 /// 7:44am

    […] the art room – a place she found refuge in.  She says from an interview in the book Creative Block by Daniella Krysa, aka The Jealous […]

  51. Clenbuterol /// 01.03.2020 /// 11:35pm

    Thanks for finally writing about >The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary
    art /// creative block <Loved it!

  52. ART BOOKS THAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR LIBRARY – Arteasy Blog /// 01.08.2020 /// 6:52pm

    […] Creative Block by Danielle Krysa […]

  53. Radhika Goel /// 08.20.2020 /// 7:23pm

    Hello Danielle, I have read all three of your books and enjoyed very much. I am thinking of revisiting the books and finish the projects mentioned in the books particularly in Creative Block. Is there an Instagram account specifically to post pictures of your projects mentioned in the book? Thank you for writing such an inspirational and informational books.

  54. Room's Holiday Gift Guide - Room Magazine /// 11.17.2020 /// 9:06pm

    […] Creative Block from the Jealous Curator […]

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