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  1. Metrov /// 09.19.2016 /// 8:29am

    Hi Danielle! Would love to share my work with you and your readers. I have a lifetime worth of art on my website — I can send you individual images if you spot something you love! Thanks so much!

  2. Shelley Heffler /// 09.20.2016 /// 10:28pm

    Hi Danielle. I am jealous of you! You were able to turn the tables and expose the truth that all artists feel and create a business around your passion. Good for you.
    Please check my website. I’ve been exhibiting, some sales. I’m like many artist who want to exhibit, place my work in major collections and sell. Take a look at my website. What do you think?

  3. Vikki Bible /// 01.16.2020 /// 10:55am

    I’m terrified I’m sending this. My website isn’t updated. Check out my instagram for most recent paintings. I love you and what you are doing for all artists and collectors. You are really awesome.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2020 /// 10:26am

    no need for terror 😉

  5. Daithi Magner /// 01.30.2020 /// 1:29pm

    Hi Danielle, Is this the right place to send my images? Like the lady in the last message I use instagram everyday!.Thanks D

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