My favorite part of The Jealous Curator is talking to people about creativity. I am so grateful for all of the press that has come my way. Here’s a small selection of programs and publications that have featured my work:


OWN Show, : Video 1 / Video 2 /  Video 3 / Video 4 / Video 5

AM Northwest 2014  // AM Northwest 2016 , Portland

The Morning Show 2014, Toronto

“By All Means, Create”, Opus Vancouver

“Jealous Curator at the Bedford”, City of Walnut Creek

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Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Being Boss, Episode 13 // Being Boss, Episode 98

Smart Creative Women

Style Matters

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Print: O Magazine / Sunset Magazine / L’Officiel Italia / Flow Magazine Denmark / Flow Magazine Germany / Frankie Magazine /  Inside Out Magazine / The Vancouver Sun

Online: Brain Pickings / Huffington Post / Fast Company / CBC  Canada WritesScout Magazine


To contact Danielle for an interview or media appearances, please email:

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  1. Christy Kill /// 07.13.2016 /// 4:03pm

    Hi! I’d love to get a little exposure through your brand. If you need to feature a new artist, please let me know! Many thanks. Christy

  2. Sasha Harding /// 09.19.2016 /// 10:48am

    Hi,l have been so inspired by your podcasts after my sister raved about you.l listen while I am working in the studio and it almost feels like you are in the room.Thank you Sash

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.19.2016 /// 11:49am

    oh, thank you so much sasha … thanks for inviting me in there : )

  4. Terry Tee /// 12.05.2016 /// 5:58pm

    I’m in Australia and have just come across this artist who I believe is now in Toronto. Would love if you could put her on your list of possible interviewees. Not enough human figure artists in this world.

    Love your podcasts. Listen to them all the time
    Thank you.

  5. Terry Tee /// 12.05.2016 /// 6:04pm

    And her web site is which might help!

  6. the jealous curator /// 12.06.2016 /// 9:38am

    thanks terry!

  7. Tamara Levy /// 03.20.2017 /// 9:34am

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am a third year student at Amsterdam University College writing a research paper on Art Fairs and how they fit into the Art Market. I was wondering if I could get a short quote from you on why you think that Art Fair’s are so popular within the market?
    Yours sincerely,
    Tamara (Tara) Levy

    Ps. I hope submitting this request here is ok, I couldn’t find another email address

  8. Danielle Siegelbaum /// 05.11.2017 /// 9:26am

    Please inform me how to announce an exhibition in the Jealous Curator
    I cordially invite you to the exhibition.
    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Jean Pedroso /// 05.25.2017 /// 10:10am

    Hi! My name is Jean Pedroso!

    Female nudity is something that has always fascinated me.
    And not only me, it is portrayed since the beginning of mankind in every possible way. Another thing I like a lot is to design and consume entertainment: games, comics, TV, movies, etc.

    So I decided to start a series in which I will draw 1000 known characters from the entertainment showing what they have underneath their clothes. But I can not go alone on this noble mission, I need your help to choose which characters I’m going to draw.

    People need to go to and leave a comment choosing one character on “free votation” area.
    If someone wants to support me on this journey, there are options too.

    If this story is interesting to your public, feel free to use in your website all drawings on my Patreon page. If you need anything else, let me know! =)

    Thank you very much!

  10. Cynthia Rabbit /// 07.06.2017 /// 8:28am

    If you do not want the images of other people’s’ work shared on Pinterest, perhaps every image shouldn’t have a pinterest sharing button? I’m sure there is a way for you to block Pinterest use from your site… other than making a copyright infringement complaint on work you didn’t make.

  11. the jealous curator /// 07.06.2017 /// 8:49am

    um, i would love people to share on pinterest. i don’t know you’re talking about… perhaps ask before assuming the worst in someone. thanks.

  12. Barbara F Kendrick /// 10.05.2017 /// 10:46pm

    Hi Danielle,
    I hope you will take a look at the collages on my website. My latest work, digital collage self-portraits is under Fleshed Out on my website.

  13. Vladimir /// 11.06.2017 /// 6:33am

    Jose Art Gallery is one of the best online art galleries of the world which lets you buy original works of art directly from artists.

    Art curators of Jose Art Gallery will provide counseling services and help you to choose paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints for your interior absolutely free of charge. All artists represented in our gallery are part of the creative community of Jose Art Gallery who present thousands of their artworks to meet your needs, space and style.

    We supervise every business transaction and make sure you are satisfied with a purchase at Jose Art Gallery. Our online gallery also helps artists to establish contacts all over the world including contacts with other galleries and art space in order to hold joint exhibitions and develop art business. We are the only art project in the internet of this kind and we foster development of visual art around the world!
    Let’s join efforts to make the world better!
    Stay in contact:

  14. Francesca Clerjeune /// 11.10.2017 /// 12:06pm


    Who We Are

    Museum of Impact is the first mobile social justice museum, inspiring action at the intersection of self, societal art and activism. We travel the country creatively activating spaces, fusing conscious content, art, and history to inspire our audience.

    The Exhibition

    Museum of Impact is exhibiting “Icons in their Right” at Creme & Coco Creamery, a family-owned ice cream shop in Brooklyn, New York. The goal of the exhibition is to celebrate pop culture’s historical figures of American History and inspire the community for this holiday season. The exhibition will run from November 24, 2017- December 30, 2017.

    How we would like your help

    Museum of Impact would like to partner with you as a media partner in promoting this cultural event that celebrates artistry of the diaspora and offers a platform for identity and representation. The exhibition would have a series of educational programming which would include, Opening Night, community clothing swap, adult dress up party, and a closing night. I would like to share the programs in greater details if this is a project you would have the interest to explore.We appreciate any level that you can assist with this program.

    Highest Regard,

    Francesca Clerjeune

  15. Nydia Araujo /// 11.27.2017 /// 2:07pm

    I’m a woman, visual artist, Brazilian I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I’m looking for a gallery owner, curators, marketers, who sell my work, how can I vialize this. My name Nydia Araujo. My Best!! Thank you!!

  16. Alessandro Giovannini /// 07.10.2018 /// 7:48am

    Hi, this is my new Art E-Shop.

    I am very interested in sharing my link on your site.
    I will be happy to create a unique and original article to give even more value to the content if the collaboration goes well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Alessandro Giovannini.

  17. Zsofia Danka /// 08.17.2018 /// 6:37am

    I would like to kindly recommend you Artlocator Magazine’s new issue launch party’s exhibition material. Please find the invitation card and pictures here:

    Photo credit: Dávid Bíró
    Thank you!

    Best wishes,
    Zsófia Danka

  18. Michael Pitzer /// 11.16.2018 /// 6:41am

    I’m having my very first one man show this coming March, (in Fresno) at the Fig Tree Gallery, the oldest artist collective in California. After 35+ years as an ad guy every part of my being is now telling me it’s time to be an art guy. My work is of things that made me happy as a kid growing up in Algonac, Michigan. Please have a look as I start to post some of that series of drawings. You can see the first at: And, if you’re in Fresno this coming March, please stop by the gallery to see my show. I’d love to say hello.


    Michael Pitzer
    Member Artist Fig Tree Gallery, Fresno California

  19. Fu /// 11.17.2018 /// 1:02pm


    We are YUI gallery which is a contemporary art gallery and is based in Manhattan, New York. Our upcoming show “City Poetry” will be open on Nov 25. This show is Shanghai-born artist Dawei Wang’s second solo exhibition in New York, and the sixth solo exhibition in his life, featuring a series of paintings which chronicle the artist’s experience in the United States over the past few year. Would you be interested in featuring or posting our exhibition release? If you’d like to know more about our gallery, please visit our website: And about the artist please visit
    And if you want to hear more about this exhibition or the gallery, please feel free to contact us with the or the gallery mailbox:

    Thank you so much for your time and looking forward to hear back from you!

    YUI Gallery

  20. Henry Hodge /// 02.01.2019 /// 9:13am

    Dear Danielle,

    My name is Henry, and I am contacting you regarding a potential feature of my new video ‘The #ArtistChallenge’, which is an exciting new project with the goal of asking yourself a set of life questions about where you are as an artist, and where you want to be – and in a few years, to make a similar video answering the same questions, seeing how far we’ve came!

    I’m a cinematographer from England, previously working in Los Angeles, and now based in Prague, and was inspired to create this project to connect & motivate artists.

    Please let me know if this might be a good fit for your website. Thank you!

    Yours faithfully,

    Henry Hodge

    Artist Challenge video:

    More of my work:

  21. Kimberly Jackson /// 02.16.2019 /// 9:33am

    Is there a magical fame threshold? Because I’m not quite there yet!… But, I love your podcast and I would like to introduce myself. I make Minnow Pendants from molding small found objects and cast them into leaded crystal(lost wax). I would love to know if my work could be featured somehow, someday:) Thanks and have a great weekend.

  22. Brittany Fields /// 07.14.2019 /// 4:08pm

    I would love to be a featured artist of yours. Take a look at my website, links to all my social platforms are on there. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  23. Marisa D. Lempicka /// 10.02.2019 /// 10:49am

    I love your book: A big important artbook, now with women! I am Tamara de Lempikca’s greatgrandaughter and she, like so many other female artists have been written off the art history books. I think little by little there is a reevaluation of women artists. I am not sure if you are in NY but I would love to invite you to the opening of our exhibit this upcoming October 10th. We have had many successful exhibitions in Europe and Asia but this is the first one in USA in over 50 years! Would love to get in touch with you…

  24. the jealous curator /// 10.02.2019 /// 12:10pm

    wow! marisa, that is so great! i’m not in new york at the moment, but i’ll do a post on instagram to promote the exhibition next week : )

  25. Therin brooks /// 10.12.2019 /// 3:42pm

    I have been going through a number of life changes that have be a bit blocked in my art practices, I recently took a workshop by Anna Sofia Amescua called “embodied paint” It was a bit of a revelation for me as a figurative painter to reconnect with my body and heart to the practice. As a long time Jealous Curator blog follower I though of you and how I would LOVE to hear a conversation between the two of you about the self doubt of artists particularly female artists (and other bodies feminized in this society) and how radical it is to face those things! So In hopes of this magic I am plugging her website here:

    I hope this blog and podcasts goes on forever I love love love all the voices!!!!!