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  1. Donna Fecteau /// 09.28.2016 /// 9:47am

    I love listening to your interviews and you being interviewed. Creativity to me is a spiriual connection with my inner self. I studied under Leon Berkowitz when he was in his late seventies I always felt going into a class with him was like being in a Sacred Space everything felt softer and more connected. He really taught the creative process. When I listened to your experience in art school my admiration for you continuing to create was great. You have found your uniqueness and are going with it in such an authentic way. Leon would not let us judge ourself he just had us put our work on the floor and would find our uniqueness knowing us from our painting. Thank you for exploring creativity and being so supportive of artists. Donna

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.29.2016 /// 7:38am

    thank you so much donna – that was beautiful. i wish i’d been in there with you and leon. it’s sounds lovely.

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